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the further period of two years, making fourteen years altogether from the passage of the original act to which this Same is a further supplement, with the same powers and authority heretofore. in the said trustees now acting, and, in case of the death of any of them, in the survivor or survivors of the said trustees which they now have and exercise with respect to their said trust created pursuant to said acts. And the said trustees or their survivors, or survivor, are hereby authorized and Accounts to directed to pass their accounts before the Chancellor, as other before trustees are now authorized and required, and the Chancellor Chancellor. is hereby authorized to examine, approve, audit and allow their accounts in accordance with the usual practice in such Compensa cases, and allow each of said trustees who shall have served tion to for the full period embraced in the said trust, the sum of six

be passed


At end of

hundred dollars and a proportionate part of the sum of six hundred dollars to each trustee who shall have served but a portion of the said period, and the allowances made shall be in full payment of any and all services rendered under the aforesaid trust. The said trustees are hereby authorized and time to turn directed, when their final account shall so have been passed, to turn over, transfer and pay to the Receiver of Taxes and Facer County Treasurer of New Castle county such securities and cash as shall by said account appear to remain in their hands applicable to the said trust, by the said Receiver of Taxes as special and County Treasurer by him to be held in special trust to Receiver of pay or redeem so many of the bonds to which such funds in Taxes. the hands of said trustees would be applicable as the said

over trust fund to Receiver of

Fund held

trust by

To be deposited at interest. Where.

funds, balance and securities will suffice to redeem and pay, and until bonds can be secured and fall due to which said funds can be applied, the said Receiver of Taxes and County Treasurer shall deposit the sums coming into his hands in some bank or trust company at interest for the benefit of said fund and whenever said fund shall by redemption and payment of bonds as aforesaid be reduced below the sum of one thousand dollars, such fractional sum, less than one thousand dollars, shall be transferred by the said treasurer to the general fund of said county.

SECTION 2. That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.


public act.

This act shall be deemed and taken to be a

Passed at Dover, March 30, 1895

* So enrolled.



ments and


prised within the limits of the Sixth, the Seventh and the Ninth wards of the city of Wilmington, as the said wards are now laid out or as the said wards, or either of them, may be hereafter extended or enlarged by act of the General Assembly."

SECTION 2. That all assessments now or heretofore made, collections and all collections of taxes, in any or all of the said assessment districts, are hereby made valid and legal.



Passed at Dover, April 22, 1895.

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AN ACT to amend Chapter 30 of the Revised Code.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:



SECTION I. That Chapter 30 of the Revised Code of the Chapter 30, State of Delaware be and the same is hereby amended as follows: Code Strike out Section 1 of said Chapter and insert in lieu there- amended. of the following: "There shall be in the treasury department an officer styled Auditor of Accounts, who shall be appointed Auditor of by the House of Representatives with the concurrence of the Senate and shall hold his office for the term of two years Term of from the fourth Tuesday of January in the year in which he office. shall be appointed. In case there shall be a vacancy in the Vacancy. office of Auditor of Accounts during the recess of the General Assembly, whether such vacancy be occasioned by the omission of the General Assembly to appoint, or by the death, removal out of the State, resignation, inability or his failure to give bond with sureties, the Governor shall fill the How filled. vacancy by appointment to continue until the fourth Tuesday of January of the next biennial session of the Legislature."

Passed at Dover, April 19, 1895.




AN ACT to repeal Chapter 45, Volume 19 of the Laws of Delaware.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

SECTION I. That Chapter 45, Volume 19 of the Laws of
Delaware, entitled "An Act providing additional Consta-
bles" be and the same is hereby repealed.
Passed at Dover, February 27, 1895.




AN ACT to enable the Governor to appoint an additional Notary Public for Wilmington Hundred, New Castle County.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Additional SECTION I. That the Governor of the State of Delaware Public for be and he is hereby authorized to appoint one additional ton Hun Notary Public for Wilmington hundred, New Castle county.



Passed at Dover, March 8, 1895.

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