Ada Reis: A Tale ...

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J. Murray, 1823
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Page 107 - A table richly spread, in regal mode, With dishes piled, and meats of noblest sort And savour, beasts of chase, or fowl of game, In pastry built, or from the spit, or boiled, Gris-amber-steamed ; all fish from sea or shore, Freshet, or purling brook, of shell or fin, And exquisitest name, for which was drained Pontus, and Lucrine Bay, and Afric coast.
Page 127 - ... the dreadful catastrophe which followed ; for the sea, as is usual on such occasions, receding to a considerable distance, returned in mountainous waves, foaming with the violence of the agitation, and suddenly buried Callao and the neighbouring country in its flood.
Page 200 - ... agitation, and suddenly turned Callao and the neighbouring country into a sea. This was not, however, totally performed by the first swell of the waves, for the sea retiring further, returned with still more impetuosity, the stupendous water covering both the walls and other buildings of the place ; so that whatever had escaped the first, was now totally overwhelmed by those terrible...
Page 193 - He is lodged in the viceroy's palace, which on this occasion is adorned with astonishing magnificence. The next day, all the courts, secular and ecclesiastical, wait on him from Lima, and he receives them under a canopy in the following order: The audiencia, the chamber of accounts, the cathedral chapter, the magistracy, the consulado, the inquisition, the tribunal de Cruzada, the superiors of the religious orders, the colleges, and other persons of eminence.
Page 48 - Diverse lingue, orribili favelle, Parole di dolore, accenti d'ira, Voci alte e fioche, e suon di man con elle, Facevano un tumulto, il qual s' aggira Sempre in quell' aria senza tempo tinta, Come la rena quando a turbo spira.
Page 37 - I pass these dreadful gates To seek the Theban, and consult the Fates : For still, distress'd, I rove from coast to coast, Lost to my friends, and to my country lost.
Page 194 - ... the superiors of the religious orders, the colleges, and other persons of eminence. On this day the judges attend the viceroy to an entertainment given by the alcalde: and all persons of note take a pride in doing the like to his attendants. At night there is a play, to which the ladies are admitted veiled, and in their usual dress, to see the new viceroy. "The...
Page 193 - ... retinue, as far as the next jurisdiction. He also orders booths to be built at the halting-places in the deserts; attends him in person, and defrays all the expences, till relieved by the next corregidor. Being at length arrived at Lima, he proceeds, as it were incognito, through the city to Callao, about two leagues and a half distant. In this place he is received and acknowledged by one of the ordinary alcaldes of Lima, appointed for that purpose, and also by the military officers. He is lodged...
Page 192 - The seeds are formed in several parts of the flesh, and are about seven lines in length, and three or four in breadth. They are also somewhat flat, and situated longitudinally. THE tree is high and tufted, the stem large and round, but with some inequalities ; full of elliptic leaves, terminating in a point. The length is about three inches and a half, and the breadth two or two a*da half.
Page 192 - The pulp is white, intermixed with several almost imperceptible fibres, concentring in the core, which extends from the hollow of the excrescence to the opposite side. As they have their origin- near the former, so in that part they .are larger and more distinct. The flesh contains a large quantity of juice resembling honey, and its taste sweet mixed with a gentle acid, but of a most exquisite flavour.

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