The Story of Ravenna

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J. M. Dent & Sons, Limited, 1926 - 331 pages

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Page 325 - Sweet hour of twilight! — in the solitude Of the pine forest, and the silent shore Which bounds Ravenna's immemorial wood, Rooted where once the Adrian wave flow'd o'er, To where the last Caesarean fortress stood, Evergreen forest! which Boccaccio's lore And Dryden's lay made haunted ground...
Page 62 - The republic (they repeat that name without a blush) might safely confide in the civil and military virtues of Odoacer; and they humbly request that the emperor would invest him with the title of Patrician and the administration of the diocese of Italy.
Page 245 - By one so deep in love, then he, who ne'er From me shall separate, at once my lips All trembling kiss'd. The book and writer both Were love's purveyors. In its leaves that day We read no more.
Page 245 - Such were their words; At hearing which downward I bent my looks, And held them there so long, that the bard cried: "What art thou pond'ring?
Page 245 - No greater grief than to remember days Of joy, when misery is at hand That kens Thy learn'd instructor. Yet so eagerly If thou art bent to know the primal root, From whence our love gat being, I will do As one, who weeps and tells his tale. One day, For our delight we read of Lancelot, How him love thrall'd. Alone we were, and no Suspicion near us. Oft-times by that reading Our eyes were drawn together, and the hue Fled from our alter'd cheek. But at one point Alone we fell. When of that smile we...
Page 325 - Ciesarean fortress stood, Evergreen forest; which Boccaccio's lore And Dryden's lay made haunted ground to me, How have I loved the twilight hour and thee! The shrill cicalas, people of the pine, Making their summer lives one ceaseless song, Were the sole echoes, save my steed's and mine, And vesper...
Page 314 - THROUGH that celestial forest, whose thick shade With lively greenness the new-springing day Attemper'd, eager now to roam, and search Its limits round, forthwith I left the bank; Along the champain leisurely my way Pursuing, o'er the ground, that on all sides Delicious odor breathed.
Page 61 - Italy ; since, in their opinion, the majesty of a sole monarch is sufficient to pervade and protect, at the same time, both the East and the West. In their own name, and in the name of the people, they consent that the seat of universal empire shall be transferred from Rome to Constantinople...
Page 245 - By what, and how love granted, that ye knew Your yet uncertain wishes ?" She replied : " No greater grief than to remember days Of joy, when mis'ry is at hand ! That kens Thy learn'd instructor.
Page 251 - Dante most of all ; wherefore no longer going about to seek his return he passed the heights of the Apennines and departed to Romagna, where his last day, that was to put an end to all his toils, awaited him. In those times was Lord of Ravenna (a famous and ancient city of Romagna), a noble cavalier whose name was Guido Novello da Polenta ; he was well skilled in the liberal arts and held men of worth in highest honour, especially such as excelled others in knowledge. And when it came to his ears...

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