Handbook for Travellers in Northern Italy: Comprising Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Venetia, Parma, Modena, and Romagna

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J. Murray, 1860 - 556 pages
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Page 34 - THE GLACIERS OF THE ALPS : being a Narrative of Excursions and Ascents. An Account of the Origin and Phenomena of Glaciers, and an Exposition of the Physical Principles to which they are related. With 61 Illustrations.
Page 327 - There is a glorious city in the sea; The sea is in the broad, the narrow streets, Ebbing and flowing; and the salt sea-weed Clings to the marble of her palaces. No track of men, no footsteps to and fro, Lead to her gates! The path lies o'er the sea, Invisible: and from the land we went, As to a floating city — steering in, And gliding up her streets, as in a dream...
Page 347 - Bolle l' inverno la tenace pece, A rimpalmar li legni lor non sani Che navicar non ponno ; e 'n quella vece Chi fa suo legno nuovo, e chi ristoppa Le coste a quel che più viaggi fece ; Chi ribatte da proda e chi da poppa ; Altri fa remi ed altri volge sarte, Chi terzeruolo ed artimon rintoppa: Tal non per fuoco ma per divina arte, Bollia laggiuso una pegola spessa, Che 'nviscava la ripa d' ogni parte. 1' vedea lei , ma non vedeva in essa Ma che le bolle che 1 bollor levava , E gonfiar tutta e riseder...
Page 263 - Lo primo tuo rifugio e il primo ostello Sarà la cortesia del gran Lombardo , Che in su la Scala porta il santo uccello...
Page 35 - In masses or beds, in veins, and occasionally in the beds of rivers. Specimens of the following metallic ores are put in the Cabinet : Iron, Manganese, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Copper, Antimony, Silver, Gold, Platina, &c.
Page 25 - ROWLANDS' KALYDOR a most refreshing preparation for the Complexion, dispelling the cloud of languor and relaxation, allaying all heat and irritability, and immediately affording the pleasing sensation attending restored elasticity and healthful state of the skin. Freckles. Tan, Spots, Pimples, Flushes, and Discolouration, fly before its application, and give place to delicate clearness, with the glow of beauty and of bloom.
Page 35 - Rocks. SECONDARY FOSSILS, from the Trias, Lias, Oolite, Wealden, and Cretaceous Groups. TERTIARY FOSSILS, from the Woolwich, Barton, and Bracklesham Beds, London Clay, Crag, &c. In the more expensive Collections some of the Specimens are rare, and all more select.
Page 327 - THERE is a glorious City in the Sea. The Sea is in the broad, the narrow streets, Ebbing and flowing ; and the salt sea-weed Clings to the marble of her palaces. No track of men, no footsteps to and fro, Lead to her gates. The path lies o'er the Sea, Invisible ; and from the land we went, As to a floating City, — steering in, And gliding up her streets as in a dream...
Page 229 - I have been these six weeks, and still am, at my dairy-house, which joins to my garden. I believe I have already told you it is a long mile from the castle, which is situate in the midst of a very large village, once a considerable town, part of the walls still remaining, and has not vacant ground enough about it to make a garden, which is my greatest amusement, it being now troublesome to walk, or even go in the chaise till the evening. I have fitted up in this farm-house a room for myself, that...
Page 518 - raising our eyes to heaven, or directing them to the earth, can we doubt of the existence of God ? — or how, turning them to what is within us, can we doubt that there is something...

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