Annual Report of the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Volume 17, Part 2

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Page 675 - The whole duplicate copy shall be sent to the official in charge of the baggage department of the initial line, and by him to the secretary of the state or provincial board of health of the state or province from which such shipment was made.
Page 665 - ARTICLE III. Meetings. Section 1. The regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the second Thursday in May, July and November, at Harrisburg (unless otherwise ordered).
Page 685 - STANDARD SOLUTION No. 4. — Dissolve corrosive sublimate in water* in the proportion of four ounces to the gallon, and add one drachm of permanganate of potash to each gallon to give color to the solution.
Page 764 - No dealer in milk, and no servant or agent of such a dealer, shall sell, exchange, or deliver, or have in his custody or possession, with intent to sell, exchange or deliver...
Page 755 - Every room used for the manufacture of flour or meal food products shall be at least eight feet in height and shall have, if deemed necessary by the...
Page 675 - The transit permit must be made in duplicate, and the signatures of the physician or coroner, health officer, and undertaker must be on both the original and duplicate copies. The undertaker's certificate and paster of the original shall be detached from the transit permit and pasted on the coffin box.
Page 661 - ... the Commonwealth ; who, upon receiving the said oath of office, shall issue to each a certificate of appointment for his respective term of office, determined as aforesaid ; upon receiving which they shall possess and exercise the powers and perform the duties of said board, as defined in this Act. Immediately after having taken the oath of office they shall organize by electing one of their number to be president, and by appointing a proper person, who shall be a physician of good standing,...
Page 674 - ... and all enclosed in a strong tight wooden box. Or, the body being prepared for shipment by disinfecting and wrapping as above, may be placed in a strong coffin or casket, and said coffin or casket encased in an airtight zinc...
Page 722 - SLATER, JW Sewage Treatment, Purification, and Utilization. A Practical Manual for the Use of Corporations, Local Boards, Medical Officers of Health, Inspectors of Nuisances, Chemists, Manufacturers, Riparian Owners, Engineers, and Rate-payers. 12mo, cloth $2.25 SMITH, ISAAC W., CE The Theory of Deflections and of Latitudes and Departures.
Page 676 - State shall be privileged and justified to go Into another State for the purpose of investigating and establishing the truth or falsity of such reports. 3.

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