Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Motor carrier cases, Volume 79

Front Cover
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1960


Baltimore A R Co ExtensionWashington D C 76 M C C 727_
Reliance Trucking Co Inc ExtensionKentucky Points___
Chesapeake Motor Lines Inc ExtensionPackinghouse Products From
Chesapeake Motor Lines Inc Ext Packinghouse Products 64 M C C
J ExtensionMineral Wool 827
Ewell ExtensionPhiladelphia 72 M C C 645
Kuhn Transp Co Inc Grandfather Application_ 817
Oklahoma Furniture Mfg Co Investigation of Operations 403
Floyd Beasley Transfer Co Inc ExtensionTextile Mill Supplies 76
Jadczak Joseph W Common Carrier Grandfather Application_ 835
FoxSmythe Transp Co ExtensionEl Paso 76 M C C 804
Jacobsen Roy and W C ExtensionColorado 76 M C C 26 53
W J Dillner Transfer Co Dennis Trucking Co v
Clapps ExtensionAlternate Route 77 M C C 683__
Wilson of Nebraska Inc Common Carrier Application 842
Midwest Transfer Co of Illinois ExtensionBuilding Materials
Clark Tank Lines Co ExtensionRoad Oil 77 M C C 805_
Local Cartage National Conference Heavy Specialized Carriers Sec
Neal Homer F Contract Carrier Application 842
M C C 1 644
Clark Transport Co ExtensionFarm Tractors 62 M C C 555 294 354
ColletiControlComet Freight Lines 38 M C C 95 225
Abramson Hyman D and Donald W ExtensionKarns City 809
Convoy Co Interpretation of Certificate 52 M C C 191 598
Courier Exp Inc ExtensionAlternate Route 62 M C C 751_ 464 588
Hitchman Coal Coke Co v Mitchell 245 U S 229 738
Houff Transfer Inc ExtensionCommodity Description 72 M C C 563 366
Nelson Rudy and Everett See Nelson Bros Trucking Co

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Page 208 - ... under continuing contracts with one person or a limited number of persons either (a) for the furnishing of transportation services through the assignment of motor vehicles for a continuing period of time to the exclusive use of each person served or (b) for the furnishing of transportation services designed to meet the distinct need of each individual customer.
Page 73 - Shall specify the period for which it applies, which shall be not less than 30 days when the equipment is to be operated for the authorized carrier by the owner or employee of the owner; excepting: (i) Equipment used in agricultural or perishable operations.
Page 530 - Commission authorizing such transportation, nor shall any person engaged in any other business enterprise transport property by motor vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce for business purposes unless such transportation is within the scope, and in furtherance, of a primary business enterprise (other than transportation) of such person.
Page 345 - Machinery, equipment, and parts used in the construction, assembly, servicing, and operation of boats, ships, and submarines, the transportation of which, because of size or weight, requires the use of special equipment...
Page 171 - common carrier by motor vehicle" means any person which holds itself out to the general public to engage in the transportation by motor vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce of passengers or property or any class or classes thereof for compensation, whether over regular or irregular routes...
Page 223 - ... enable applicant to institute a new service or a service so different from that presently provided as to materially improve applicant's competitive position to the detriment of existing carriers.
Page 121 - NJ, finding that public convenience and necessity required operation by applicant in interstate or foreign commerce, as a common carrier by motor vehicle of passengers and their baggage, and of express and newspapers in the same vehicle with passengers, between Little Falls and Union City, NJ, over a regular route, serving intermediate points.
Page 655 - contract carrier by motor vehicle" means any person which engages in transportation by motor vehicle of passengers or property in interstate or foreign commerce, for compensation...
Page 73 - In either instance that prior to the execution of the lease, the authorized carrier receives and retains a statement signed by the owner of the equipment, or someone duly authorized to sign for the owner, authorizing the driver to lease the equipment for the movement or movements contemplated by the lease, certifying that the equipment so leased meets the qualifications enumerated in...
Page 569 - It shall be the duty of every common carrier of property by motor vehicle to provide safe and adequate service, equipment, and facilities for the transportation of property in interstate or foreign commerce...

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