Satellite Communications - 1964: Hearings ... 88-2

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Page 523 - Generally, a small business concern for the purpose of Government procurement is a concern that (1) is not dominant in its field of operation and, with its affiliates, employs fewer than 500 employees, or (2) is certified as a small business concern by Small Business Administration.
Page 614 - Any corporation directly or indirectly controlled by any other corporation of which any officer or more than one-fourth of the directors are aliens, or...
Page 755 - Believing that communication by means of satellites should be available to the nations of the world as soon as practicable on a global and nondiscriminatory basis, Convinced of the need to prepare the way for the establishment of effective operational satellite communication, 1.
Page 581 - Sections 332, 333 and 334 thereof, and Section 301 of Title 3 of the United States Code, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1.
Page 582 - Develop and set forth plans, policies, and programs with respect to telecommunications that will promote the public interest, support national security, sustain and contribute to the full development of the economy and world trade, strengthen the position and serve the best interests of the United States in negotiations with foreign nations, and promote effective and innovative use of telecommunications technology, resources, and services.
Page 582 - All executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government are authorized and directed to cooperate with the...
Page 755 - Communications Satellite Act of 1962". DECLARATION OF POLICY AND PURPOSE SEC. 102. (a) The Congress hereby declares that it is the policy of the United states to establish, in conjunction and in cooperation with other countries, as expeditiously as practicable a commercial communications satellite system, as part of an improved global communications network...
Page 479 - Director of the Defense Communications Agency was designated to serve also as Manager of the National Communications System.
Page 166 - Engineers, an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Theodore von Karman Memorial Foundation.
Page 578 - NCS will be on meeting the most critical needs for communications in national security programs, particularly to overseas areas. As rapidly as is consistent with meeting critical needs, other Government needs will be examined and satisfied, as warranted, in the context of the NCS. The extent and character of the system require careful consideration in light of the priorities of need, the benefits to be obtained, and the costs involved. Although no complete definition of the...

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