The Napoleonic Exiles in America: A Study in American Diplomatic History, 1815-1819

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1905 - 134 pages

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Page 110 - ... present treaty; and it shall be ratified in the same form and in the same time, so that the one shall not be ratified distinct from the other. Another particular convention, signed at the same date as the present treaty, relative to...
Page 90 - States and express the surprise with which the President has seen possession thus taken, without authority from the United States, of a place within their territorial limits, and upon which no lawful settlement can be made without their sanction.
Page 90 - He was instructed to call upon them to " avow under what national authority they profess to act," and to give them due warning "that the place is within the United States, who will suffer no permanent settlement to be made there, under any authority other than their own.
Page 522 - II-III. Town Government in Rhode Island. By WE FOSTER. — The Narragansett Planters. By EDWARD CHANNING.
Page 88 - President than to tolerate hostile expeditions within the territories of the Republic, directed against Powers with which it is in a state of profound peace, I cannot for a moment doubt that his excellency •will take into his most serious consideration what is due to the demand which I now make in the name of my Sovereign, that Joseph Bonaparte, the Generals Lallemand. and other Frenchmen now residing in this country, be compelled to keep themselves within the bounds prescribed by the hospitality...
Page 571 - Sire, Your Majesty's Most Humble, Most Obedient and Most Faithful Servant and Subject, Lakanal.
Page 122 - KAYE. 50 cents. VII. Constitution and Admission of Iowa into the Union. By JA JAMES.
Page 121 - VIII. The Genesis of California's First Constitution. By RD HUNT. 50 cents. IX. Benjamin Franklin as an Economist. By WA WETZEI.
Page 573 - This new mark of your gracious favor will give me a degree of political importance in the eyes of your Mexican subjects, which, I venture to assure you, will promote Your Majesty's best interests.
Page 529 - ... well escorted ; for one must not judge of the whole capital by about one-thirtieth part of the inhabitants, who called for arms, and declared themselves warmly against the return of the exiled family. "On the 23d I returned to the Elysee. The Emperor had been for two hours in his bath. He himself turned the discourse on the retreat he ought to choose, and spoke of the United States. I rejected the idea without reflection, and with a degree of vehemence that surprised him. ' Why not America?'...

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