Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. during the last twenty years of his life

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1826 - 237 pages

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Page 55 - Three poets in three distant ages born, Greece, Italy, and England did adorn; The first in loftiness of thought surpassed, The next in majesty; in both the last. The force of Nature could no further go, To make a third she joined the former two.
Page 45 - Tis as the general pulse Of life stood still, and Nature made a pause; An awful pause! prophetic of her end.
Page 127 - Oft in danger, yet alive, We are come to thirty-five ; Long may better years arrive, Better years than thirty-five. Could philosophers contrive Life to stop at thirty-five, Time his hours should never drive O'er the bounds of thirty-five. High to soar, and deep to dive, Nature gives at thirty-five. Ladies, stock and tend your hive, Trifle not at thirty-five ; For howe'er we boast and strive, Life declines from thirty-five ; He that ever hopes to thrive Must begin by thirty-five ; And all who wisely...
Page 49 - Wheresoe'er I turn my view, All is Strange, yet nothing new: Endless labour all along, Endless labour to be wrong; Phrase that Time has flung away; Uncouth words in disarray, Trick'd in antique ruff and bonnet, Ode, and elegy, and sonnet.
Page 7 - Being asked if he could remember Queen Anne, ' He had (he said) a confused, but somehow a sort of solemn recollection of a lady in diamonds, and a long black hood'.
Page 104 - Here, closed in death, th' attentive eyes, That saw the manners in the face.' " Mr. Hogarth, among the variety of kindnesses shown to me when I was too young to have a proper sense of them, was used to be very earnest that I should obtain the acquaintance, and if possible the friendship, of Dr. Johnson ; whose conversation was, to the talk of other men, like Titian's painting compared to Hudson's...
Page 189 - I was suffering horrid tortures (said he), and verily believe that if I had put a bit into my mouth it would have strangled me on the spot, I was so excessively ill ; but I made more noise than usual to cover all that, and so they never perceived my not eating, nor I believe at all imaged to themselves the anguish of my heart : but when all were gone except Johnson here, I burst out a-crying, and even swore by that I would never write again.
Page 120 - Mr. Johnson had however an avowed and scarcely limited partiality for all who bore the name or boasted the alliance of an Aston or a Hervey ; and when Mr.
Page 50 - A famous ballad also, beginning Rio verde, Rio verde, when I commended the translation of it, he said he could do it better himself — as thus: Glassy water, glassy water, Down whose current, clear and strong, Chiefs confus'd in mutual slaughter, Moor and Christian roll along.
Page 17 - ... I hope (replied he), that I should have willingly lived on bread and water to obtain instruction for them: but I would not have set their future friendship to hazard for the sake of thrusting into their heads knowledge of things for which they might not perhaps have either taste or necessity. You teach your daughters the diameters of the planets, and wonder when you have done that they do not delight in your company.

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