The Phoenix; or, Weekly miscellany improved, Volume 2

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Page 361 - In the midst of these our innocent endearments, she snatched a paper of verses out of my hand, and ran away with them. I was following her, when on a sudden the ground, though at a...
Page 361 - When I was a youth, in a part of the army which was then quartered at Dover, I fell in love with an agreeable young woman, of a good family in those parts, and had the satisfaction of seeing my addresses kindly received, which occasioned the perplexity I am going to relate. We were in a calm evening diverting ourselves...
Page 69 - Through all the employments of life, Each neighbour abuses his brother ; Whore and rogue, they call husband and wife : All professions be-rogue one another. The priest calls the lawyer a cheat : ( The lawyer be-knaves the divine : ! And the statesman, because he's so great, Thinks his trade as honest as mine.
Page 252 - With grizly beard, pale cheek, stalk up and down, And he, the royal Dane, want half a crown ? Forbid it, ladies; gentlemen forbid it; Give joy to age, and let'em say — you did it.
Page 172 - Yet have I heard the melting tongue, Have feen the falling tear ; Known the good heart by pity wrung, Ah ! that fuch hearts are rare...
Page 329 - The poor man, however, was advised to sue for the money ; and, when the cause came on to be tried, it appearing^ that the seal had not been broken nor the bag ript, the judge said to the defendant's counsel, " The bag you lost had an hundred and ten pounds in it, you say;
Page 252 - Brother to all, with equal love I view, The men who flew me, and the men I flew : I muft, I will this happy projeft feize, That thofe too old to die, may live with eafe.
Page 339 - Would you eat your dinner that day, Sir?" JOHNSON. " Yes, Sir ; and eat it as if he were eating it with me. Why there's Baretti, who is to be tried for his life to-morrow, friends have risen up for him on every side ; yet if he should be hanged none of them will eat a slice of plum-pudding the less. Sir, that sympathetic feeling goes a very little way in depressing the mind.
Page 378 - No, we had rather talk with you, than drink with you. — *' But if you had fupped with me, as in all reafon you ought to have done, you muft then have drank with me.
Page 107 - Rachael the unfortunate chintz. She has had it four years, and upon making some alterations in our little place at Hampton, she intended to show away with her prohibited present.

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