The Sociology of Organizations: Classic, Contemporary, and Critical Readings

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Michael J Handel
SAGE Publications, 2003 - 541 pages
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Preface Introduction Organizations as Rational Systems I: Classic Theories of Bureaucracy and Administration - Michael J. Handel A. Early Definitions of Organization and Management Bureaucracy and Legitimate Authority - Max Weber Critique B. Scientific Management and the Treatment of Labor The Principles of Scientific Management - Frederick W. Taylor Critique The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century - Harry Braverman Organizations as Rational Systems II: Contingency Theory and the Discover of Organizational Variation - Michael J. Handel The Management of Innovation - Tom Burns / G.M. Stalker Technology and Organization - Joan Woodward The Measurement of Organization Structures - D.S. Pugh Organizations as Human and Social Systems I: The Impulse to Reform Work - Michael J. Handel A. The Early Human Relations Movement The Hawthorne Experiments - George C. Homans Critique Hawthorne, the Myth of the Docile Worker, and Class Bias in Psychology - Dana Bramel / Ronald Friend B. Humanistic Management and Contemporary Employee Involvement The Human Side of Enterprise - Douglas McGregor From Control to Commitment in the Workplace - Richard E. Walton A Differnt Kind of Company: From Control to Commitment in Practice - Saul Rubinstein Critique Inside a Japanese Transplant: A Critical Perspective - Laurie Graham Organizations as Human and Social Systems II: Informal Organizations as Shadow Structure - Michael J. Handel Conflicts Between Staff and Line Managerial Officers - Melville Dalton The World of Corporate Managers - Robert Jackall Manufacturing Consent: Changes in the Labor Process Under Market Capitalism - Michael Burawoy Rationality and Non-Rationality in Organizational Decision Making - Michael J. Handel Conceptual Models and the Cuban Missile Crisis - Graham Allison Power Inside Organizations - Michael J. Handel Organizations and Oligarchy - Robert Michaels Organizations as Open Systems: Organizations and Their Environments - Michael J. Handel A. Resource Dependency Theory The External Control of Organizations: A Resource Dependence Perspective - Jeffrey Pfeffer / Gerald R. Salancik B. Institutional Theory The Iron Cage Revisited: Institutional Isomorphism and Collective Rationality in Organizational Fields - Paul DiMaggio / Wlater Powell Organizational Ecology Density-Dependent Processes - Glenn R. Carroll / Michael T. Hannan Economic Theories of Organizations - Michael J. Handel Theory of the Firm: Managerial Behavior, Agency Costs, and Ownership Structure - Michael C. Jensen /William H. Meckling The Economics of Organization: The Transaction Cost Approach - Oliver E. Williamson Critique Markets, Hierarchies and Hegemony - Charles Perrow The Evolution of Modern Business Organization: From Big Business to Post-Fordism - Michael J. Handel A. Alfred Chandler's Account of the Rise of Big Business The Emergence of Managerial Capitalism - Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. B. Post-Bureaucratic Alternatives to Big Business Neither Market Nor Hierarchy: Network Forms of Organization - Walter W. Powell Critique Lean and Mean: The Changing Landscape of Corporate Power in an Age of Flexibility - Bennett Harrison Organizational Culture - Michael J. Handel Engineering Culture: Control and Commitment in a Hihg-Tech Corporation - Gideon Kunda Organizations and Society: Gender, Race, Class, and Politics - Michael J. Handel Men and Women of the Corporation - Rosabeth Moss Kanter Black Mobility in Corporations: Up the Corporate Ladder but Out on a Limb - Sharon Collins Segmented Labor Markets - Richard Edwards The Access Process: Loopholes as a System - Dan Clawson Alan Neustadtl, and Denise Scott Organizational Deviance - Michael J. Handel Normal Accidents: Living With High-Risk Technologies - Charles Perrow Rational Choice, Situated Action, and the Social Control of Organizations:; The Challenger Launch Decision - Diane Vaughan Democratic Alternatives to Capitalist Bureaucracy: Worker Ownerships and Self-Management - Michael J. Handel The Collectivist Organization: An Alternative to Rational Bureaucratic Models - Joyce Rothschild-Whitt Worker Ownership, Participation, and Control: Toward a Theoretical Model - William Foote/Joseph R. Blasi/Douglas Lynn Kruse Government, Nonprofit Agencies, and Voluntary Associations - Michael J. Handel Street-Level Bureaucracy - Michael Lipsky References Index.

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Bureaucracy and Legitimate Authority 1924
B Scientific Management and the Treatment of Labor

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