A Call to Arts: How Artistic Living Can Redeem Us

Front Cover
Melanie Richards, 2008 - 79 pages
Are the superficiality and violence which characterize our society today a result of the lack of the arts in education and in our lives? This book was written to sound the alarm for the arts, and to demonstrate how we are denying ourselves and our children an artistic way of living, thinking, and learning, thereby creating an artificial life for them and a legacy for the future that is wanting in substance. Many of the problems faced in school systems and in young adult life today can be addressed by a revival of artistic exposure and teaching. The book brings up some hard truths about how we live today, and how a true exposure to artistic living and its benefits would better prepare our children for life. Through an examination of the artistic process and how it can be applied to everyday living, we are taken through fire, earth, air, and water to the artistic realm, where we see the face of beauty and its possibilities.

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