The Law Magazine: Or, Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence, Volume 18; Volume 49

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Saunders and Benning, 1853

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Page 12 - Has, directly or indirectly, by himself or his partner, any share or interest in any contract or employment with, by, or on behalf of the council.
Page 215 - For Herod had laid hold on John, and bound him, and put him in prison for Herodias' sake, his brother Philip's wife.
Page 166 - ... person or no such person able and willing to act, then the surviving or continuing trustees or trustee...
Page 197 - ... (the act of God, the Queen's enemies, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation of whatever nature and kind soever excepted) unto or to assigns freight for the said goods with primage and average accustomed.
Page 49 - ... insures in such a position that it is wholly out of the power of the assured or of the underwriter to procure its arrival, he is bound by the very letter of his contract to pay the sum insured.
Page 22 - And be it enacted, that in all cases where no time is already or shall hereafter be specially limited for making any such complaint or laying any such information in the act or acts of parliament relating to each particular case, such complaint shall be made and such information shall be laid within six calendar months from the time when the matter of such complaint or information respectively arose.
Page 185 - Prius, at all times to amend all defects and errors in any proceeding in civil causes, whether there is anything in writing to amend by or not, and whether the defect or error be that of the party applying to amend, or not ; and all such amendments may be made with or without costs, and upon such terms as to the...
Page 331 - That when any person hath been adjudged a bankrupt, all his personal estate and effects, present and future, which by the laws now in force may be assigned by commissioners acting in the execution of a commission against such bankrupt, shall become absolutely vested in and transferred to the assignees or assignee for the time being, by virtue of their appointment...
Page 23 - Capital is kept in existence from age to age not by preservation, but by perpetual reproduction: every part of it is used and destroyed, generally very soon after it is produced, but those who consume it are employed meanwhile in producing more.
Page 388 - NEW COMMENTARIES ON THE LAWS OF ENGLAND, in which are interwoven, under a new and original Arrangement of the general Subject, all such parts of the Work of Blackstone as are applicable to the present times ; together with full but compendious Expositions of the Modern Improvements of the Law up to the latest period ; the original and adopted Materials being throughout the Work typographically distinguished from each other. By HENRY JOHN STEPHEN, Serjeant at Law.

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