A Journal of the Swedish Ambassy: In the Years MDCLIII and MDCLIV. From the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Volume 1

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T. Becket and P.A. de Hondt, 1772 - 502 pages

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Page 72 - And, behold, I am •with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.
Page 359 - I have great confidence of your honour and judgment," replied the Queen, " and therefore, though you are a stranger, I shall acquaint you with a business of the greatest consequence to me in the world, and which I have not communicated to any creature. Sir, it is this : I have it in my thoughts and resolution to quit the crown of Sweden, and to...
Page 355 - You yourfelfe have publiftied a fecret (which I was refolved to have concealed all my life-time) in making knowne, that you are unworthy the fortune which you had with me. If you are refolved to beare thefe reproaches, you may come hither : I confent to it uppon that condition ; butt doe not hope that either tears or fubmiflions can ever oblige me to the leaft compliance. All that I am capable to doe for you i», to remember little, and to fpeak lefle heerof, except to blame you.
Page 28 - ... apparent in this journey. Co. I cannot tell that ; for I have heard that our great man, I mean my Lord General, would have you to go ; and if it be so, and yet you will stay at home, I doubt there may be as much danger for you to stay as to go.
Page 32 - I think so, and therfore I make it my particular suit, and earnest request to you to undertake it: and I hope you will show a little regard to me in it; and I assure you that you shall have no cause to repent it.
Page 359 - I have it in my thoughts and refolution to quitt the crowne of Sweden, and to retire myfelfe unto a private life, as much more fuitable to my contentment, then the great cares and troubles attending uppon the governement of my kingdome : and what thinke you of this refolution ? Wb.
Page 251 - Parliament held it not unlawful, when they carried their lives in their hands, and were going to adventure them in the high places of the field, to encourage one another out of His Word, who commands over all ; and this had more weight and impression with it than any other word could have, and was never denied to be...
Page 13 - Sweden have left for us the following offhand specimen of an Official Note from Oliver. Oliver and Pickering had already been earnestly dealing with the learned man that he would go : at their subsequent interview, Oliver observed to Whitlocke, "Sir Gilbert" Pickering "would needs write a very " fine Letter; and when he had done, did not like it himself.
Page 363 - What your majefty likes beft, is beft to you ; butt doe you not thinke that Charles V. had as great hopes of contentment by his abdication, as your majefty hath, and yett repented it the fame day he did it.
Page 351 - whole father, commingout of France to ferve the crown of " Sweden, was fo fuccefsfull, that, for a reward of his merit, " he had good revenues, and the title of a grave or earle ** beftowed uppon him, and marryed there, and became a.

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