The Oromo and the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia: 1300-1700

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Boydell & Brewer, 2015 - 379 pages
This revisionary account of the Oromo people and the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia transforms our perception of the country's development, rebutting the common depiction of the Oromo as no more than a destructive force and demonstrating their significant role in shaping the course of Ethiopian history. Tracing the early history of the Oromo as part of the Cushitic language speaking family of peoples, it establishes that they were neither foreigners nor newcomers to Ethiopia, but have been an integral part of the indigenous population since at least the first half of the 14th century. The massive 16th-century pastoral Oromo population movement revolutionized relations between the Christians and the Oromo. During the long process of assimilation that followed, with periods of both war and peace in central and southern Ethiopia, Oromo society was able to absorb and assimilate Cushitic and Semitic language speakers and Oromize them through the open, democratic and egalitarian Gada system; while in northern Ethiopia the Oromo themselves were absorbed into Christian Amhara society. Mohammed Hassen is Associate Professor in the Department of History, Georgia State University. His books include The Oromo of Ethiopia: A History, 1570 to 1860 (Cambridge University Press, 1990). He is a Contributing Editor of The Journal of Oromo Studies and The Horn of Africa journal.

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Thanks professor.

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Galatoomi Pprophessor mohammed hassen hojii boonsaa hoojjattee fii ammallee itti fufaa jirtuuf.
waa heeddutu nurraa dhokhatee jira dubbii seenaa oromoo dhugaa ta dur ta sirna abbaa gadaa khana
fakkaatu uumte seenaa guddootu achi hafe natti fakkaatti , maalif yoo jette; eenyummaa salphaan sirna khana fakkaatu hin uumtuu, jechuun kiyya seenaan eenyummaa kheenyaa khan amma qabatamaan beekkamee jiru khun sirna gadaa uumuudhaaf gahaa miti; waa baayyetu achi nurraa hafee dhokhatee jira waayee seenaa dhugaa kheenyaa, sirni gadaa wanni inni nutti qeeqaa jiru seenaan teessan guddoon dhugaa sun haga amma beekkame xiqqaa khanaa miti waan guddaatu isa duuba jira(seeenaan oromoo amma beekkamtee jirtu tun ana "Sirna gadaa uumuf" gahaa miti)jechaa jira ykn jechuudha nutti himaaa jira; barbaannee qorannee baasun teenya, dirqama kheenya


Traditions and Institutions
2 Oromo Peoples in the Medieval Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia before 1500
3 The Homelands of the Pastoral Oromo before 1500
4 The Pastoral Oromo Confront the Christian Expansion 1440s1559
5 Movements of Pastoral Oromo into the Christian Kingdom 15591600
6 Abba Bahreys Zenahu le Galla and its Impact on Emperor ZaDengels War against the Oromo 16031604
7 The Oromo and the Christian Kingdom 16001618
8 Oromo Christianization Conflict and Identity 16181700

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