The Knickerbocker: Or, New-York Monthly Magazine, Volume 54

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Charles Fenno Hoffman, Timothy Flint, Lewis Gaylord Clark, Kinahan Cornwallis, John Holmes Agnew

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Page 203 - The Greek Testament: with a critically revised Text; a Digest of Various Readings; Marginal References to verbal and Idiomatic Usage; Prolegomena; and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary. For the Use of Theological Students and Ministers, By HENRY ALFORD, DD, Dean of Canterbury. Vol. I., containing the Four Gospels.
Page 484 - And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth: yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; for their works follow with them.
Page 488 - That a lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies, That a lie which is all a lie may be met and fought with outright, But a lie which is part a truth is a harder matter to fight.
Page 265 - But if the moral pestilence that rises with them, and, in the eternal laws of outraged Nature, is inseparable from them, could be made discernible too, how terrible the revelation ! Then should we see depravity, impiety, drunkenness, theft, murder, and a long train of nameless sins against the natural affections and repulsions of mankind, overhanging the devoted spots, and creeping on, to blight the innocent and spread contagion among the pure.
Page 365 - ... own heterogeneous compound, to my early companionship with this glorious river. In the warmth of my youthful enthusiasm, I used to clothe it with moral attributes, and almost to give it a soul. I admired its frank, bold, honest character ; its noble sincerity and perfect truth. Here was no specious, smiling surface, covering the dangerous sand-bar or perfidious rock ; but a stream deep as it was broad, and bearing with honorable faith the bark that trusted to its waves. I gloried in its simple,...
Page 265 - ... there also we breed, by the same certain process, infancy, that knows no innocence, youth without modesty or shame, maturity that is mature in nothing but in suffering and guilt, blasted old age that is a scandal on the form we bear. Unnatural humanity ! When we shall gather grapes from thorns, and figs from thistles ; when fields of grain shall spring up from the offal in the by-ways of our wicked cities, and roses bloom in the fat churchyards that they cherish ; then we may look for natural...
Page 100 - Though green at noon, cut down at night, Shows thy decay, All flesh is hay : Thus think, and smoke tobacco.
Page 79 - Three Visits to Madagascar during the Years 1853— 1854 — 1856. Including a Journey to the Capital, with Notices of the Natural History of the Country and of the Present Civilization of the People.
Page 372 - O'er the aqueduct and bog On we fly with ceaseless jog, Every instant something new, Every moment lost to view ; Now a tavern, now a steeple, Now a crowd of gaping people ; Now a hollow, now a ridge, Now a cross-way, now a bridge.
Page 231 - And what adds to my mortification is, that this post, after the last ships went past it, was held contrary to my wishes and opinion, as I conceived it to be a hazardous one : but it having been determined on by a full council of general officers, and a resolution of Congress having been received, strongly expressive of their desire that the channel of the river which we had been laboring to stop for a long time at that place, might be obstructed, if possible; and knowing that this could not be done,...

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