The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, Volume 6

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Mississippi Valley Historical Association, 1919
Includes articles and reviews covering all aspects of American history. Formerly the Mississippi Valley Historical Review,

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Page 63 - The day you make soldiers of them is the beginning of the end of the revolution. If slaves will make good soldiers our whole theory of slavery is wrong, but they won't make soldiers.
Page 69 - Much benefit is anticipated from this measure, though far less than would have resulted from its adoption at an earlier date, so as to afford time for their organization and instruction during the winter months.
Page 260 - He therefore peremptorily commands that every soldier or Ranger who shall be found drunk or sensibly intoxicated after the publication of this order, be compelled, as soon as his strength will permit, to dig a grave at a suitable burying place large enough for his own reception, as such grave cannot fail soon to be wanted for the drunken man himself or some drunken companion.
Page 52 - But should the alternative ever be presented of subjugation or of the employment of the slave as a soldier, there seems no reason to doubt what should then be our decision.
Page 279 - In America, the powers of sovereignty are divided between the government of the Union and those of the States. They are each sovereign, with respect to the objects committed to it, and neither sovereign with respect to the objects committed to the other.
Page 34 - THE AMERICAN CONFLICT, a history of the Great Rebellion in the United States of America 1860-64, its causes, incidents and results, intended to exhibit especially its moral and political phases with the drift and progress of American opinion respecting human slavery from 1776 to the close of the War for the Union.
Page 11 - No petition, memorial, resolution, or other paper, praying the abolition of slavery in the district of Columbia, or any State or Territory, or the Slave Trade between the States or Territories of The United States in which it now exists, shall be received by this House, or entertained in any way whatever, be, and the same is hereby, rescinded.
Page 220 - ... the middle of this period and following close upon a series of events which had brought the soldier element of the country very distinctly before the public, is perhaps the best election that can be selected for the study of the subject. Iowa offers an excellent opportunity for this study, being...
Page 182 - M'Kenzie, M'Clellan, and Reed set out in different directions down the river, for the purpose of finding Indians, and buying horses. Mr. Crooks, with a few men, returned to Henry's Fork for those they had left, while Mr. Hunt remained with the main body of men, entrapping beaver for their support.
Page 537 - Congress, banishing all feeling of mere passion or resentment, will recollect only its duty to the whole country ; that this war is not prosecuted upon our part in any spirit of oppression, nor for any purpose of conquest or subjugation, nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights or established Institutions of those...

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