Poetry of The Anti-Jacobin [by G. Canning and others].

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Page 11 - Was it the squire ? or parson of the parish ? Or the attorney ? ' Was it the squire, for killing of his game ? or Covetous parson, for his tithes distraining ? Or roguish lawyer, made you lose your little All in a lawsuit ? ' (Have you not read the Rights of Man, by Tom Paine ?) Drops of compassion tremble on my eyelids, Ready to fall, as soon as you have told your Pitiful story.
Page 6 - She scream'd for fresh geneva. Not to her Did the blithe fields of Tothill, or thy street, St. Giles, its fair varieties expand, Till at the last, in slow-drawn cart, she went To execution. Dost thou ask her crime ? SHE WHIPP'D TWO FEMALE PRENTICES TO DEATH, AND HID THEM IN THE COAL-HOLE; for her mind Shaped strictest plans of discipline.
Page 224 - France at our doors, he sees no danger nigh, But heaves for Turkey's woes the impartial sigh ; A steady Patriot of the World alone, The friend of every country — but his own.
Page 228 - Both must be blamed, both pardon'd ; — 'twas just so With Fox and Pitt full forty years ago ; So Walpole, Pulteney ; — factions in all times, Have had their follies, ministers their crimes.' Give me the avow'd, the erect, the manly foe, Bold I can meet — perhaps may turn his blow ; But of all plagues, good Heaven, thy wrath can send, Save, save, oh! save me from the Candid Friend ! ' Barras loves plunder, — Merlin takes a bribe, — What then?
Page 177 - Whene'er with haggard eyes I view This dungeon that I'm rotting in, I think of those companions true Who studied with me at the U — — niversity of Gottingen, — — niversity of Gottingen.
Page 168 - And classic Buskins soil'da British stage. To-night our bard, who scorns pedantic rules, His plot has borrow'd from the German schools; The German schools — where no dull maxims bind The bold expansion of the electric mind. Fix'd to no period, circled by no space, He leaps the flaming bounds of time and place. Round the dark confines of the forest raves, With gentle Robbers...
Page 178 - Sweet kerchief, check'd with heavenly blue Which once my love sat knotting in ! — Alas ! Matilda then was true ! At least I thought so at the U— — niversity of Gottingen — — niversity of Gottingen.
Page 6 - She whipped two female prentices to death, And hid them in the coal-hole ; for her mind Shaped strictest plans of discipline. Sage schemes ! Such as Lycurgus taught, when at the shrine Of the Orthyan goddess he bade flog The little Spartans; such as erst chastised Our Milton when at college. For this act Did Brownrigg swing. Harsh laws! But time shall come, When France shall reign, and laws be all repealed.
Page 179 - Sun, moon, and thou vain world, adieu, That kings and priests are plotting in : Here doom'd to starve on water gru — — el never shall I see the U — — niversity of Gottingen — — niversity of Gottingen.
Page 116 - Let playful PENDULES quick vibration feel, While silent CYCLOIS rests upon her wheel ; Let HYDROSTATICS, simpering as they go, Lead the light Naiads on fantastic toe ; Let shrill ACOUSTICS tune the tiny lyre ; With EUCLID sage fair ALGEBRA conspire ; The obedient pulley strong MECHANICS ply, And wanton OPTICS roll the melting eye...

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