A Book about London: The Streets of London. An Alphabetical Index to the Principal Streets, Squares, Parks, and Thoroughfares; with Their Associations: Historical, Traditional, Social, and Literary

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Henry, 1890 - 224 pages

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Page 182 - He used often to say, that if he were to choose a place to die in, it should be an inn ; it looking like a pilgrim's going home, to whom this world was all as an inn, and who was weary of the noise and confusion in it x.
Page 78 - Beauclerk and the beaming smile of Garrick, Gibbon tapping his snuff-box and Sir Joshua with his trumpet in his ear. In the foreground is that strange figure which is as familiar to us as the figures of those among whom we have been brought up, the gigantic body, the huge massy face, seamed with the scars of disease, the brown coat, the black worsted stockings, the gray wig with the scorched foretop, the dirty hands, the nails bitten and pared to the quick.
Page 125 - Goldsmith, to divert the tedious minutes strutted about, bragging of his dress, and I believe was seriously vain of it, for his mind was wonderfully prone to such impressions. 'Come, come,' said Garrick, 'talk no more of that. You are, perhaps, the worst — eh, eh!
Page 94 - He received me very courteously; but, it must be confessed, that his apartment, and furniture, and morning dress, were sufficiently uncouth. His brown suit of clothes looked very rusty; he had on a little old shrivelled unpowdered wig, which was too small for his head; his shirt-neck and knees of his breeches were loose; his black worsted stockings ill drawn up ; and he had a pair of unbuckled shoes by way of slippers.
Page 180 - In short, the whole air of our party was sufficient, as you will easily imagine, to take up the whole attention of the garden, so much so that from eleven o'clock till half an hour after one we had the whole concourse round our booth ; at last, they came into the little gardens of each booth on the sides of ours, till Harry Vane took up a bumper, and drank their healths, and was proceeding to treat them with still greater freedom. It was three o'clock before we got home.
Page 64 - The landlord looked at me in return over the bar, from head to foot, with a strange smile on his face ; and instead of drawing the beer, looked round the screen and said something to his wife.
Page 62 - Although the Borough is a beastly place in dirt, turnings and windings; yet No 8 Dean Street is not difficult to find; and if you would run the Gauntlet over London Bridge, take the first turning to the left and then the first to the right and moreover knock at my door which is nearly opposite a Meeting, you would do one a Charity which as St.
Page 191 - Then if we write not by each post, Think not we are unkind ; Nor yet conclude our ships are lost By Dutchmen or by wind ; Our tears we'll send a speedier way, The tide shall bring them twice a day, With a fa la, la la, la la.
Page 205 - JOHN NEWTON, CLERK, Once an infidel and libertine, A servant of slaves in Africa, Was by the rich mercy of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, Preserved, restored, pardoned, And appointed to preach the faith he Had long laboured to destroy, Near 16 years at Olney in Bucks ; And — years in this church.
Page 146 - And yet we have as much waterworks and fresco diversions, as if we lay ten degrees nearer warmth. Two nights ago Ranelagh gardens were opened at Chelsea; the Prince, Princess, Duke, much nobility, and much mob besides, were there. There is a vast amphitheatre, finely gilt, painted, and illuminated, into which everybody that loves eating, drinking, staring, or crowding, is admitted for twelvepence.

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