Recueil Des Cours/Collected Courses (2000)

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Academie de Droit International de la Haye
Springer Netherlands, 2000 M11 29 - 400 pages
"Professor David McClean proposes in his general course on private international law to examine current features of private international law in the light of their development over the past 50, 100, or 150 years. Professor McClean starts with placing private international law in its historical perspective by presenting the views of a various authors. He then examines personal status. In the third chapter, Professor McClean describes the developments in personal relationships, the changing lifestyles (polygamy, divorce, homosexual partnerships). The fourth chapter is dedicated to business law, and the fifth to contractual matters in a world that has changed considerably over the last century, from steamboats to cyberspace. Chapter VI is dedicated to the law of torts, taking as its starting point an analysis of an American decision arising out of the crash of a large jet aircraft. Chapter VII deals with the impact of changing political structures on the content of private international law (with specific references to the United States, Canada and Australia). In the last three chapters, Professor McClean discusses the role of the judge and of the litigant. Professor McLean's approach of the subject is both theoretical (with many references to Savigny) and based on many practical examples"--Publisher's description.

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