The Legacy: A Novel About Loving And Dying

Front Cover
iUniverse, 2005 M12 1 - 237 pages
Friends for forty years, Monica, Lily, Janet, and Suzanne meet frequently at an Atlanta cafe to laugh and gossip. Then, on one particular day, everything changes. Deciding against chemotherapy, Lily announces that she needs to be with Harry, her deceased, gay husband. What follows is a touching, bittersweet look at how Lily's announcement drastically affects the four women.

Janet enlists Norm, Harry's lover of ten years, to fill the void made by Harry's death and to help convince Lily that she doesn't want to die. Monica falls in love with a man thirty years her junior who loves her trucks as much as he loves her. Suzanne's motto, 'Life's a bitch and then you die," keeps her searching for love and someone to brush her hair like her father did when she was five.

The four vivacious women reveal their dysfunctional lives through four birthday lunches and the months in between. But most importantly, they determine to leave a legacy of hope and laughter, celebrating life in all its wonder.

"Angela invites the reader into a unique circle of friends. "Legacy" offers an insight into the minds of four women in their sixties, as to what they will leave behind, as they face the prospect of losing one of their own."-Leslie Brefeld, "Summit Daily News"

'All the ingredients are here for a sweet, funny, and ultimately uplifting read." ─ Kasey Michaels, author of "Stuck in Shangri-La" and "High Heels and Homicide"

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