Report of the Tenement House Department of the City of New York, Volume 3

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Page 153 - In the theory of the law, he is compensated for It by sharing In the general benefits which the regulations are intended and calculated to secure.
Page 153 - There is also the general police power of the state, by which persons and property are subjected to all kinds of restraints and burdens, in order to secure the general comfort, health, and prosperity of the state, of the perfect right, in the Legislature to do which no question ever was, or, upon acknowledged general principles, ever can be, made so far as natural persons are concerned.
Page 151 - There can be no doubt that the statute in question is within the constitutional powers of the Legislature as a police regulation. It is an act for the preservation of the public health and relates to the disposal of one of the most dangerous forms of sewage.
Page 148 - FEET in height; such structure shall be provided with a ventilating skylight in the roof, of an adequate size, and each water-closet shall be located in a compartment completely separated from every other watercloset. Proper and adequate means for lighting the structure at night shall be provided. There shall be provided at least one water-closet for every...
Page 143 - York to be replaced by individual waterclosets, is a reasonable and proper exercise of the police power vested in the Legislature and is constitutional. In determining the constitutionality of the act the Court is limited to a consideration of the law itself considered in the light of the facts of which the Court can take judicial notice. The fact that the changes required by the statute in a tenement house, valued at...
Page 155 - ... made from it, is in fact unwholesome or dangerous to public health. How is that question of fact to be determined? The court cannot take judicial notice whether milk below the standard is or is not unwholesome or dangerous to public health.
Page 56 - ... by more than eight families in all, or by more than two families on any floor, and in which also each apartment extends through from the street to the yard, and which also do not occupy more than seventy-two per centum of the lot, in the case of an interior lot, the least horizontal dimension of an inner court not situated on the lot line, but enclosed on all four sides, shall not be less than fourteen feet. Except also that in such tenement houses which do not exceed three stories and cellar...
Page 148 - ... and with individual traps, and properly connected flush tanks providing an ample flush of water to thoroughly cleanse the bowl. Each water-closet shall be located in a compartment completely separated from every other watercloset, and such compartment shall contain a window of not less than three square feet in area opening directly to the outer air.
Page 147 - No privyvault or cesspool shall be allowed in or under or connected with any such house except when it is unavoidable, and a permit therefor shall have been granted by the Board of Health, and in such case it shall be constructed in such situation and in such manner as the Board of Health may direct.
Page 153 - Any one in a crowded city who desires to erect a building is subject at every turn, almost, to the exactions of the law in regard to provisions for health, for safety from fire, and for other purposes. He is not permitted to build of certain materials within certain districts, because, though the materials may be inexpensive, they are inflammable, and he must build in a certain manner. Theaters...

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