Problems of Communism

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Documentary Studies Section, International Information Administration, 1973
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Page 25 - Comprehensive Program for the Extension and Improvement of Collaboration and the Development of Socialist Economic Integration of the CMEA Countries.
Page 71 - Martinico, &c. all cessions. Not they, — they are all so many traps and holes to catch this silly fellow in, and make a merchant of him ! I really think the best way upon this principle would be this : — let the merchants of London open a public subscription, and set him up at once. I hear a great deal respecting a certain statue about to be erected to the Right Honourable Gentleman (Mr.
Page 8 - The Communist Party of India strives to achieve the establishment of people's democracy and socialist transformation through peaceful means.
Page 7 - ... guaranteeing the rights of the people, of giving land to the peasants gratis, of protecting our national industries against the competition of foreign goods and of...
Page 48 - Movement, in which the students participated; it was a movement of tremendous significance. What role have China's young people played since the May 4th Movement? In a way they have played a vanguard role — a fact recognized by everybody except the die-hards. What is a vanguard role ? It means taking the lead and marching in the forefront of the revolutionary ranks. In the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal ranks of the Chinese people, there is a contingent composed of the country's young intellectuals...
Page 7 - Even the most hardened liberal would now feel ashamed to maintain, let alone the Communist Party and other democrats and revolutionaries, that this Government and the classes that keep it in power will ever allow us to carry out a fundamental democratic transformation in the country by parliamentary methods alone. Hence, the road that will lead us to freedom and peace, land and bread, as outlined in the Programme of the Party, has to be found elsewhere...
Page 43 - Such problems soon led to the periodic reshuffling of responsibilities from one agency to another and to the creation of new party organizations to oversee religious policy. In a few instances, ad hoc bodies were formed to oversee particular projects — for example, a secret Trotsky-led committee guided the confiscation of church treasures in 1922.*° In the same year, a standing "Commission on the Implementation of the Decree on the Separation of the Church from the State" was established at the...
Page 44 - Soviet history in the last few years has been dominated by the spectacle of a party in search of a role. What is to be the function of an ideocratic party in a relatively complex and industrialized society, in which the structure of social relationships generally reflects the party's ideological preferences? To be sure, like any large sociopolitical system, the Soviet system needs an integrative organ. But the question is, What is the most socially desirable way of achieving such integration? Is...

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