Fraser's Magazine, Volume 7

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Longmans, Green, 1873

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Page 658 - ... to do my duty in that state of life unto which it shall please God to call me.
Page 217 - To step aside is human : One point must still be greatly dark, The moving Why they do it ; And just as lamely can ye mark, How far perhaps they rue it. Who made the heart, 'tis He alone Decidedly can try us, He knows each chord — its various tone, Each spring — its various bias : Then at the balance let's be mute, We never can adjust it ; What's done we partly may compute, But know not what's resisted.
Page 39 - Romanorum," the author of the Mysterious Mother, a tragedy of the highest order, and not a puling love-play. He is the father of the first romance, and of the last tragedy in our language, and surely worthy of a higher place than any living writer, be he who he may.
Page 75 - Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.
Page 533 - Où sont nos amoureuses ? Elles sont au tombeau ! Elles sont plus heureuses Dans un séjour plus beau ! Elles sont près des anges, Dans le fond du ciel bleu, Et chantent les louanges De la mère de Dieu...
Page 687 - Search then the RULING PASSION: There, alone, The Wild are constant, and the Cunning known; 175 The Fool consistent, and the False sincere; Priests, Princes, Women, no dissemblers here.
Page 687 - ... the nearer we search into human nature, the more we shall be convinced, that the moral virtues are the political offspring which flattery begot upon pride.
Page 263 - So Joshua smote all the country of the hills, and of the south, and of the vale, and of the springs, and all their kings : he left none remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the LORD God of Israel commanded.
Page 35 - I am sure,' said she, 'they have affected me.' ' Why,' said Johnson, smiling and rolling himself about, ' that is because, dearest, you're a dunce.' When she some time afterwards mentioned this to him, he said, with equal truth and politeness, 'Madam, if I had thought so, I certainly should not have said it/ "Another evening Johnson's kind indulgence towards me had a pretty difficult trial.
Page 461 - ... Look how the floor of heaven Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold : There's not the smallest orb which thou behold'st But in his motion like an angel sings, Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins ; Such harmony is in immortal souls ; But whilst this muddy vesture of decay Doth grossly close it in, we cannot hear it.

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