Westward by Rail: The New Route to the East

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D. Appleton, 1871 - 391 pages

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Page 311 - to starboard, roll'd to larboard, when the surge was seething free, Where the wallowing monster spouted his foam-fountains in the sea. Let us swear an oath, and keep it with an equal mind, In the hollow Lotos-land to live and lie reclined On the hills like G-ods together, careless of mankind. Por they lie beside their nectar, and
Page 311 - they lie beside their nectar, and their bolts are hurl'd Far below them in the valleys, and the clouds are lightly curl'd Bound their golden houses, girdled with the gleaming world.
Page 249 - If California ever becomes a prosperous country, this bay will be the centre of its prosperity. The abundance of wood and water; the extreme fertility of its shores ; the excellence of its climate, which is as near to being perfect
Page 213 - eh' io vidi delle cose belle, Che porta il Ciel, per un pertugio tondo: E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.
Page 379 - payable yearly, semi-yearly, or quarterly, in advance, at the office where received. Subscriptions from Canada must be accompanied with 20 cents additional, to prepay the United States postage. New York city subscrib ers will be charged 20 cents per annum additional, which will prepay for postage and delivery of their numbers.
Page viii - The horrid cooking, and the disgusting good appetites of those who are used to it. Octavo : The uniformity and narrowness of your view and its great ugliness.' Jeffrey adds, that there are twenty other items which might be mentioned, but these are enough. Two of the distinguished contributors to the renowned
Page 333 - It is a very great advantage you have above other provinces, that your youth are not put to travel for learning, but have the Muses at their doors.' This was intended as a high compliment to Harvard
Page 379 - In remitting by mail, a post-office order or draft, payable to the order of D. Appleton & Co., is preferable to bank-notes, as, if lost, the order or draft can be recovered without loss to the sender. In ordering the JOURNAL, the name should be clearly given, with the post-office, county, and State, in full. The postage within the United States, for the JOURNAL, is 20 cents a
Page 379 - APPLETONS' JOURNAL, A Weekly Paper, DEVOTED TO LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND ART. EMBRACING Fiction, in the form of both Serial Novels and Short Stories ; Essays upon Literary and Social Topics ; Sketches of Travel and Adventure
Page 379 - of Dickens's works, in paper, price $5. TWENTY Subscribers, and a remittance of $80, will entitle the sender to a copy of the Library Edition of Dickens or Waverley in cloth, price $10.50. Any person procuring FIVE Yearly Subscriptions, and remitting $20,

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