Guide and Biographical Sketch of North-eastern Georgia and the Carolinas: Pen Pictures of Beautiful Scenery, Watering Places, and Points of Interest on the Atlanta and Charlotte Air-Line Railway

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James P. Harrison & Company, 1878 - 85 pages

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Page 72 - All taxes shall be uniform, upon the same class of subjects, within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax, and shall be levied and collected under general laws...
Page 81 - Any amendment or amendments to this constitution may be proposed in the senate and assembly; and if the same shall be agreed to by a majority of the members elected to each of the two houses, such proposed amendment or amendments shall be entered on their journals with the yeas...
Page 77 - There shall be exempt from levy and sale, by virtue of any process •whatever, under the laws of this state, except as hereinafter excepted, of the property of every head of a family, or guardian, or trustee of a family of minor children, or every aged or infirm person, or person having the care and support of dependent females of any age who Is not the head of a family, realty or personalty, or both, to the value in the aggregate of sixteen hundred dollars.
Page 73 - The power to tax corporations and corporate property shall not be surrendered or suspended by any contract or grant to which the State shall be a party.
Page 55 - Justice shall preside; and no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of twothirds of the members present. (7) Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit, under the Confederate States; but the party convicted shall, nevertheless, be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgment, and punishment according to law.
Page 48 - No law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press. In all prosecutions or indictments for libel, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury; and if it shall appear to the jury that the matter charged as libelous is true, and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted; and the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the fact.
Page 49 - And the General Assembly shall pass no special law for any case for which provision has been made by an existing general law.
Page 63 - The Governor shall have the power to grant reprieves, commutations and pardons after conviction, for all offenses except treason and cases of impeachment, upon such conditions and with such restrictions and limitations, as he may think proper, subject to such regulations as may be provided by law relative to the manner of applying for pardons.
Page 57 - ... at least thirty days prior to the introduction into the General Assembly of such bill and in the manner to be provided by law...
Page 61 - The General Assembly shall not remit the forfeiture of the charter of any corporation now existing, or alter or amend the same, or pass any other general or special law for the benefit of such corporation, except upon the condition that such corporation shall thereafter hold its charter subject to the provisions of this Constitution.

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