The Truth about the Trusts: A Description and Analysis of the American Trust Movement

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Moody publishing Company, 1904 - 514 pages

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Page 132 - In the event of any liquidation or dissolution or winding up (whether voluntary or involuntary) of flic corporation, the holders of the preferred stock shall be entitled to be paid in full both the par amount of their shares and the unpaid dividends accrued thereon, before any amount shall be paid to the holders of the common stock...
Page 132 - ... shall not have been paid thereon, the deficiency shall be payable before any dividends shall be paid upon or set apart for the common stock.
Page 488 - The said Commissioner shall have power and authority to make, under the direction and control of the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, diligent investigation into the organization, conduct, and management of the business of any corporation, joint stock company or corporate combination engaged in commerce among the several States and with foreign nations excepting common carriers subject to "An Act to regulate commerce...
Page 489 - An Act to regulate commerce," approved February fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, and to gather such information and data as will enable the President of the United States to make recommendations to Congress for legislation for the regulation of such commerce...
Page 407 - Any stock corporation, domestic or foreign, now existing or hereafter organized, except monied corporations, may purchase, acquire, hold and dispose of the stocks, bonds and other evidences of indebtedness of any corporation, domestic or foreign, and issue in exchange therefor its stock, bonds or other obligations...
Page 483 - These two mammoth groups jointly (for, as pointed out, they really may be regarded as one) constitute the heart of the business and commercial life of the nation, the others all being the arteries which permeate in a thousand ways our whole national life, making their influence felt in every home and hamlet, yet all connected with and dependent on this great central source, the influence and policy of which dominates them all.
Page 13 - ... such sum or sums as the directors from time to time in their absolute discretion think proper as a reserve fund to meet contingencies, or for equalizing dividends, or for repairing or maintaining any property of the company, or for any such other purpose as the directors shall think conducive to the interests of the company.
Page 132 - To acquire by purchase, subscription, or otherwise, and to hold or dispose of, stocks, bonds, or any other obligations of any corporation formed for or then or theretofore engaged in or pursuing, any one or more of the kinds of business, purposes, objects, or operations above indicated, or owning or holding any property of any kind herein .mentioned; or of any corporation owning or holding the stocks or the obligations of any such corporation.
Page 114 - A. It would go a great ways towards building it up; they never could have got in the position they are in now, without a great deal of ability, and one man would hardly have been able to do it; it is a combination of men.
Page 129 - Yes, they are very shrewd men; I don't believe that by any legislative enactment or anything else through any of the states or all of the states, you can keep such men as them down; you can't do it; they will be on top all the time; you see if they are not.

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