A Pocket Companion for Oxford: Or, Guide Through the University. Containing an Accurate Description of the Public Edifices, the Buildings in Each of the Colleges; the Gardens, ... To which are Added, Correct Descriptions of the Buildings, ... and All Other Curiosities at Blenheim, Ditchley, and Stow, ...

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Daniel Prince; John Rivington, and R. Baldwin, London, 1764 - 132 pages

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Page 109 - Vanbrugh , and is a good example of his heavy though imposing style (*Lie heavy on him, Earth, for he Laid many a heavy load on thee"), with a Corinthian portico in the centre and two projecting wings.
Page 116 - Acquired an Influence Which no Rank, no Authority can give, Nor any Force, but that of...
Page 15 - Grcdt and Romans, which were too large to be covered with lead or tile, fo this, by the painting of the flat roof within, is reprefented open; and as they...
Page 127 - He neither learnt nor flatter'd any Vice. He was no Bigot, Tho' he doubted of none of the XXXIX Articles.
Page 127 - FIDO, An Italian of good Extraction ; Who came into England, Not to bite us, like moft of his Countrymen, But to gain an honefl Livelihood, He hunted not after Fame, Yet acquired it; Regardlefs of the Praife of his Friends, But moft fenfible of their Love. Tho' he liv'd amongft the Great, He neither learnt nor flatter'd any Vice.
Page 49 - Elizabeth, 1523. 3. George Clarke, LL. D. Secretary of War, and afterwards, in the reign of Queen Anne, one of the Lords of the Admiralty, Secretary to Prince George of Denmark, and in five Parliaments Burgess for the University, 1680.
Page 23 - This Infcription is likewife on the Garden Front. The Garden is divided into four Quarters, with a broad Walk down the Middle, a crofs Walk, and one all round. Near the Entrance...
Page 125 - John Milton : whose sublime and unbounded genius equalled a subject that carried him beyond the limits of the world. 'William Shakespeare: whose excellent genius opened to him the whole heart of man, all the mines of fancy, all the stores of Nature ; and gave him power, beyond all other writers, to move, astonish, and delight mankind.
Page 74 - Colleges, having a Terras,, with a Row of lofty Elms before it. The Buildings of this College chiefly confift of two large Quadrangles. We enter the firft by a handfome old Gateway with a Tower over it. It is formed by the Hall and Chapel on the North, the Prefident's Lodgings on the Eaft, and the Chambers of the Fellows, Scholars, and other Students on the South and Weft Sides.
Page 128 - In his old age he retir'd to the house of a clergyman in the country, where he finish'd his earthly race, and died an honour and an example to the whole species. Reader, this stone is guiltless of flattery, for he to whom it is inscrib'd was not a man, but a grey-hound.

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