Acts of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey

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Secretary of State, 1901

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Page 260 - ... meetings, what number of shares shall entitle the stockholders to one or more votes, what number of stockholders shall attend either in person or by proxy, or what number of shares or amount of interest shall be represented at any meeting in order to constitute a quorum...
Page 186 - food," as used in this act, shall include every article used for food or drink by man. The term ''drug," as used in this act, shall include all medicines for internal or external use.
Page 178 - ... be forfeited to the state, and the certificate become void, upon proof that the holder of such certificate has killed any bird, or taken the nest or eggs of any bird for other than the purposes...
Page 176 - No person shall, within the limits of this state, kill protected. or catch; Or have in his or her possession, living or dead, any wild bird, other than a...
Page 223 - Three for one year, three for two years, and three for three years, and members shall be eligible for reappointment.
Page 313 - ... in a book kept for that purpose in the office of the...
Page 196 - such appeal shall be in the form of a case agreed on by both parties or their attorneys, and, if they cannot agree, the judge of the county court, upon being applied to by them or their attorneys, shall settle the case and sign it...
Page 308 - ... file with the secretary of state an oath that he will faithfully discharge the duties of his office.
Page 236 - The term of such imprisonment of any person so convicted and sentenced shall be terminated by the managers of the reformatory, as authorized by this act, but such imprisonment shall not exceed" the maximum term provided by law for the crime for which the prisoner was convicted and sentenced.
Page 87 - November in each year ; and shall make bylaws for the proper fulfillment of its duties under this act ; and shall keep a book of registration in which shall be entered the names and places of business of all persons registered under this act, which book shall also specify such facts as said persons shall claim to justify their registration.

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