Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice: An Historical Tragedy, in Five Acts. With Notes. The Prophecy of Dante, a Poem

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John Murray, 1821 - 261 pages


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Page 164 - Have made thee last and worst of peopled deserts, Then, in the last gasp of thine agony, Amidst thy many murders, think of mine ! Thou den of drunkards with the blood of princes (12) ! Gehenna of the waters ! thou sea Sodom ! Thus I devote thee to the infernal gods ! Thee and thy serpent seed ! [Here the DOGE turns, and addresses the Executioner.
Page xiv - ... unpunished affront, the grossest that can be offered to a man, be he prince or peasant. The age of Faliero is little to the purpose, unless to favour it — " The young man's wrath is like straw on fire, But like red hut steel is the old man's ire.
Page 63 - They never fail who die In a great cause : the block may soak their gore ; Their heads may sodden in the sun ; their limbs Be strung to city gates and castle walls — But still their spirit walks abroad. Though years Elapse, and others share as dark a doom, They but augment the deep and sweeping thoughts Which overpower all others, and conduct The world at last to freedom.
Page 248 - For what is poesy but to create From overfeeling good or ill ; and aim At an external life beyond our fate, And be the new Prometheus of new men...
Page 260 - Onor del mento, e' 1 doppio raggio in fronte, Quest' e Mose, quando scendea del monte, E gran parte del Nume avea nel volto. Tal era allor, che le sonanti, e vaste Acque ei sospese a se d' intorno, e tale Quando il mar chiuse, e ne fe tomba altrui.
Page xx - Romanorum," the author of the Mysterious Mother, a tragedy of the highest order, and not a puling love-play. He is the father of the first romance and of the last tragedy in our language, and surely worthy of a higher place than any living writer, be he who he...

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