The Maryland Medical Recorder, Volume 1

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W. & J. Neal., 1829

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Page 369 - Constitution takes effect, the Senators shall be divided by lot as equally as may be, into two classes : the seats of the Senators of the first class shall be vacated at the expiration of the first year, so that one-half shall be chosen annually.
Page 371 - When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the Speaker, or, being in writing, it shall be handed to the Chair, and read aloud .by the Clerk, before debated. Every motion shall be reduced to writing, if the Speaker or any member desire it. After a motion is stated by the Speaker...
Page 368 - An act to incorporate medical societies for the purpose of regulating the practice of physic and surgery in this state...
Page 511 - ... formed of its several varieties ; this scale would begin with little more than a nervous affection, often removable by soothing remedies, and, when terminating fatally, leaving no morbid appearances discoverable after death. Next above this, a state in which this nervous affection is combined with some degree of congestion, indicated in the cases which recover, by the relief afforded by leeches, and in the cases which die, by slight redness in parts of the peritoneum, and a slight effusion of...
Page 327 - Chart, in which are exhibited, at one view, the Symptoms, Treatment, and Modes of detecting the various Poisons, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal, according to the latest Experiments and Observations (most respectfully dedicated to the Royal Humane Society), by a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London.
Page 581 - Dr. Baron placed a family of young rabbits in a confined situation, and fed them with coarse green food, such as cabbage and grass. They were perfectly healthy when put up : in about a month one of them died : the primary stop of disorganisation was evinced in a number of transparent vesicles studded over the external surface of its liver.
Page 541 - THE INSTITUTES AND PRACTICE OF SURGERY; being the Outlines of a Course of Lectures, By W.
Page 576 - ... a clearer insight into the internal structure of human society from the progress of these inquiries. But the science may be said yet to be in its infancy, and many of the objects, on which it would be desirable to have information, have been either omitted or not stated with sufficient accuracy.
Page 672 - Local depletion by leeches or cupping, and counter irritation by blisters to the effected portion of the spine, are the principal remedies. A great number of cases will frequently yield to the single application of any of these means. Some cases, which have even existed several months, I have seen perfectly relieved by the single application of a blister to the spine, although, the local pains have been ineffectually treated by a variety of remedies, for a great length of time.
Page 493 - It is not uncommon for the greater number of cases to occur in the practice of one man, whilst the other practitioners of the neighborhood, who are not more skilful or more busy, meet with few or none. A practitioner opened the body of a woman who had died of puerperal fever, and continued to wear the same clothes. A lady whom he delivered a few days afterwards was attacked with and died of a similar disease; two more of...

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