Handbook for Travellers in Northern Italy: Comprising: Turin, Milan, Pavia, Cremona ...

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J. Murray, 1897 - 604 pages
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Page 258 - There is a glorious city in the sea; The sea is in the broad, the narrow streets, Ebbing and flowing; and the salt sea-weed Clings to the marble of her palaces. No track of men, no footsteps to and fro, Lead to her gates! The path lies o'er the sea, Invisible: and from the land we went, As to a floating city — steering in, And gliding up her streets, as in a dream...
Page 41 - In the division and the decline of the empire, the tributary harvests of Egypt and Africa were withdrawn; the numbers of the inhabitants continually diminished with the means of subsistence; and the country was exhausted by the irretrievable losses of war, famine, and pestilence.
Page 412 - invited to religious meditation ; it was a fine day in spring. ' How,' said Byron, ' raising our eyes to heaven, or directing them to the earth, can we doubt of the existence of God? — or how, turning them to what is within us, can we doubt that there is something more noble and durable than the clay of which we are formed...
Page 397 - The splendid donation was granted in supreme and absolute dominion, and the world beheld, for the first time, a Christian bishop invested with the prerogatives of a temporal prince : the choice of magistrates, the exercise of justice, the imposition of taxes, and the wealth of the palace of Ravenna.
Page 353 - ... Calvin visited Ferrara, where he spent some months under the assumed name of Charles Heppeville. He received the most distinguished attention from the duchess, who was confirmed in the Protestant faith by his instructions, and ever after retained the highest respect for his character and talents." Among the other learned personages assembled here at this time was Fulvio Peregrino Morata, who had been tutor to the two younger brothers of the duke, and who became still more celebrated as the father...
Page 417 - Quella lettura, e scolorocci il viso : Ma solo un punto fu quel che ci vinse. Quando leggemmo il disiato riso Esser baciato da cotanto amante, Questi, che mai da me non fia diviso, La bocca mi baciò tutto tremante. Galeotto fu il libro, e chi lo scrisse : Quel giorno più non vi leggemmo avante.
Page 191 - The aide-de-camp, who now perceived that he was in the presence of Napoleon, finding that it was useless longer to dissemble, confessed that they had only provisions left for three days. The terms of capitulation were immediately agreed on ; Napoleon set out himself to Florence, to conduct the expedition against Rome ; and Serrurier had the honour of seeing the marshal, with all his staff, defile before him. On taking the city, the French committed many excesses.
Page 104 - To taste it may have little pretension; but, for a traveller fresh from the rigid climate of the north, this singular creation of art, with its aromatic groves, its aloes and cactuses starting out of the rocks — and, above all, its glorious situation, bathed by the dark blue waters of the lake, reflecting the sparkling white villages on its banks, and the distant snows of the Alps — cannot fail to afford pleasure, and a visit to the Isola Bella will certainly not be repented of.
Page 216 - His palace •became the refuge for all who, entertaining his political opinions, had in anywise subjected themselves to persecution ; and it was here that Dante found an asylum, having been first received by Alboino.
Page 358 - Tasso at the entrance, another inside, and the repairs of this pretended prison, in 1812, by the prefect of the department, it is impossible to recognise the real prison of Tasso in the kind of hole that is shown as such. How can any one for a moment suppose that Tasso could live in such a place for seven years and two months, revise his poem there, and compose his different philosophical dialogues in imitation of Plato? I had an opportunity of consulting several well-informed gentlemen of Ferrara...

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