Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice: An Historical Tragedy, in Five Acts. With Notes. The Prophecy of Dante, a Poem

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John Murray, 1821 - 261 pages

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Page 160 - Gehenna of the waters ! thou sea Sodom ! Thus I devote thee to the infernal gods! Thee and thy serpent seed ! Slave, do thine office! Strike as I struck the foe! Strike as I would Have struck those tyrants ! Strike deep as my curse ! Strike—and but once! [The DOGE throws himself upon his knees, and as the Executioner raises
Page 85 - or we sorrowed side by side; We made alliances of blood and marriage; We grew in years and honours fairly, till Their own desire, not my ambition, made Them choose me for their prince, and then farewell! Farewell all social memory ! all thoughts In common ! and sweet bonds which link old friendships,
Page 43 - brow— Your feelings now are of a different kind; Something has stung your pride, not patriotism. DOGE. Pride! Angiolina ? Alas ! none is left me. ANGIOLINA. Yes—the same sin that overthrew the angels, And of all sins most easily besets Mortals the nearest to the angelic nature: The vile are only vain; the great are proud. DOGE.
Page 55 - strength. DOGE. I cannot— I must not, if I could; for never was Such reason to be watchful: yet a few— Yet a few days and dream-perturbed nights, And I shall slumber well—but where ?—no matter. Adieu, my Angiolina. ANGIOLINA. An instant—yet an instant your companion; I cannot bear to leave you thus.
Page 159 - Faliero! hast thou aught further to commend, Compatible with justice, to the senate ? DOGE. I would commend my nephew to their mercy, My consort to their justice; for methinks My death, and such a death, might settle all Between the state and me. BENINTENDE. They shall be cared for ; Even notwithstanding thine unheard-of crime. DOGE.
Page 109 - be—I love thee— Thou knowest it—that I stand here is the proof, Not least though last; but having done my duty By thee, I now must do it by my country ! Farewell!—we meet no more in life !—farewell! LIONI. What, ho ! Antonio—Pedro—to the door ! See that none pass—arrest this man ! Enter ANTONIO and other armed Domestics,
Page 17 - the ducal cap. Beset with all the thorns that line a crown, Without investing the insulted brow With the all-swaying majesty of kings; Thou idle, gilded, and degraded toy, Let me resume thee as I would a vizor. [Puts it on. How my brain aches beneath thee ! and my temples Throb feverish under thy dishonest
Page 60 - I do not doubt the elder; but in Bertram There is a hesitating softness, fatal To enterprise like ours: I Ve seen that man Weep like an infant o'er the misery Of others, heedless of his own, though greater; And in a recent quarrel I beheld him Turn sick at sight of blood, although a villain's.
Page 75 - It is time to name him. Our comrades are even now prepared to greet him In brotherhood, as I have made it known That thou wouldst add a brother to our cause, Approved by thee, and thus approved by all, Such is our trust in all thine actions. Now Let him unfold himself. ISRAEL BERTUCCIO.
Page 159 - the people; but to set them free One sovereign only died, and one is dying. BENINTENDE. And who were they who fell in such a cause ? DOGE. The King of Sparta, and the Doge of Venice— Agis and Faliero! Thy sons are in the lowest scale of being, Slaves turn'd o'er to the

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