The Quarterly Review, Volume 88

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John Murray, 1851

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Page 397 - As fast as they are made, forgot as soon As done : Perseverance, dear my lord, Keeps honour bright: To have done, is to hang Quite out of fashion, like a rusty nail In monumental mockery.
Page 341 - I must paint it. Come, then, the colours and the ground prepare! Dip in the rainbow, trick her off in air; Choose a firm cloud before it fall, and in it Catch, ere she change, the Cynthia of this minute.
Page 314 - O'er bog or steep, through strait, rough, dense, or rare, With head, hands, wings, or feet, pursues his way, And swims, or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or flies.
Page 125 - The necessity of order and discipline in an army is the only thing which can give it countenance, and therefore it ought not to be permitted in time of peace, when the King's Courts are open for all persons to receive justice according to the laws of the land.
Page 314 - At last his sail-broad vans He spreads for flight, and in the surging smoke Uplifted spurns the ground...
Page 66 - ... or inconsistencies, and leaving in his mind old and familiar phrases, and oracular propositions, of which he has never rendered to himself account : there is no man, who, if he be destined for vigorous and profitable scientific effort, has not found it a necessary branch of...
Page 217 - Well, after tea, I go to poetry, and correct and re-write and copy till I am tired, and then turn to anything else till supper ; and this is my life, — which, if it be not a very merry one, is yet as happy as heart could wish.
Page 98 - The Religion of Boodhoo professed by the Chiefs and inhabitants of these Provinces is declared inviolable, and its Rites, Ministers and Places of worship are to be maintained and protected.
Page 19 - ... most fortunately came down with a tremendous somersault in the mud, his feet slipping from under him : thus the Bushman escaped certain destruction. The buffalo rose much discomfited, and, the wounded horse first catching his eye, he went a second time after him, but he got out of the way. At this moment I managed to send one of my patent pacificating pills into his shoulder, when he instantly quitted the field of action, and sought shelter in the dense cover on the mountain side, whither I deemed...
Page 23 - I could not guide her in the least, and she continued to splash, and plunge, and blow, and make her circular course, carrying me along with her as if I was a fly on her tail. Finding her tail gave me but a poor hold, as the only means of securing my prey, I took out my knife, and cutting two deep parallel incisions...

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