Social England: A Record of the Progress of the People in Religion, Laws, Learning, Arts, Industry, Commerce, Science, Literature and Manners, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, Volume 6, Part 2

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Henry Duff Traill, James Saumarez Mann
Putnam, 1909

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Page 504 - His strength was as the strength of ten, Because his heart was pure.
Page 668 - The Missing Fragment of the Latin Translation of the Fourth Book of Ezra, discovered, and edited with an Introduction and Notes, and a facsimile of the MS., by ROBERT L.
Page 840 - Act mentioned, shall have power, in such manner as may render any educational endowment most conducive to the advancement of the education of boys and girls...
Page 618 - to inquire into the best means of extending a knowledge of the Arts and of the Principles of Design among the people, especially the manufacturing population of the country.
Page 965 - October, 1899, not later than 5 o'clock pm, and it desires further to add that in the event of unexpectedly no satisfactory answer being received by it within that interval [it] will with great regret be compelled to regard the action of Her Majesty's Government as a formal declaration of war...
Page 702 - The total energy of any body or system of bodies is a quantity which can neither be increased nor diminished by any mutual action of such bodies, though it may be transformed into any one of the forms of which energy is susceptible.
Page 659 - Notes of a Twelve Years' Voyage of Discovery in the First Six Books of...
Page 990 - Contracting Party will at once come to the assistance of its ally, and will conduct the war in common, and make peace in mutual agreement with it.
Page 963 - The spectacle of thousands of British subjects kept permanently in the position of helots, constantly chafing under undoubted grievances, and calling vainly to Her Majesty's Government for redress, does steadily undermine the influence and reputation of Great Britain and the respect for the British Government within the Queen's dominions.
Page 990 - If in the above event any other Power or Powers should join in hostilities against that ally, the other High Contracting Party will come to its assistance and will conduct the war in common, and make peace in mutual agreement with it.

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