Odessa and Its Inhabitants

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Bosworth, 1855 - 174 pages


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Page 122 - Oh FAME ! — if I e'er took delight in thy praises, 'Twas less for the sake of thy high-sounding phrases, Than to see the bright eyes of the dear one discover, She thought that I was not unworthy to love her. There chiefly I sought thee, there only I found thee ; Her glance was the best of the rays that surround thee ; When it sparkled o'er aught that was bright in my story, I knew it was love, and I felt it was glory.
Page 125 - I have no hope in loving thee, I only ask to love ; I brood upon my silent heart, As on its nest the dove ; But little have I been beloved — • Sad. silent, and alone ; And yet I feel, in loving thee, The wide world is my own. Thine is the name I breathe to heaven — Thy face is on my sleep ; I only ask that love like this May pray for thee and weep.
Page 171 - THE REVIVAL OF THE FRENCH EMPERORSHIP Anticipated from the Necessity of Prophecy.
Page 171 - The book is undoubtedly one of the most valuable treatises that can be placed in the hands of all who desire a knowledge of petroleum." — Liverpool Journal of Commerce. "The book will undoubtedly take a high place in the literature of petroleum.
Page 171 - THE FINE ARTS ; their Nature and Relations. With Detailed Criticisms on certain Pictures of the Italian and French Schools. By M. GUIZOT. Translated from the French, with the assistance of the Author, by GEORGE GROVE. With Illustrations drawn on Wood by George Scharf, jun. Medium 8vo., cloth extra, 14*. " The author has carried down the history of the Fine Arts from their supposed birth in Greece, with exquisite judgment and consummate learning.
Page 27 - Imrn tallow, but were supplied with waz candles!" was now supported by a considerable body of infantry, but the ships soon retired out of the range of the Bussian guns. The flag of the Tiger was forwarded to St. Petersburg, to be kept as a trophy. Captain Gifford died of his wounds on the 1st of June...
Page 14 - Achilles, having entered the Euxine with a hostile fleet, after ravaging the coast, landed on this promontory, and exercised himself and his followers in running and other gymnastic sports. It is a low, sandy, and uninhabited neck of land, resembling somewhat a sword in its shape. Strabo evidently exceeds the tmt measurement when he states it to be 1000 'tadia.
Page 53 - ... and the young men are not slow in making up similar parties of their own. Sooner or later it mostly happens that the two sexes join hands, and then the merriment grows fast and furious. The perseverance of the dancers on these occasions is wonderful : when such a dance has once begun it mostly lasts till the end of the day. Nor were our guests deficient in perseverance. The gay scene was prolonged till a late hour of the night, when the party formed again into procession to return to their village,...
Page 124 - and yet I think it is very generally known. The air is pretty, is it not? But the words are ultrasentimental." And then she began to sing softly — "I do not ask to offer thee A timid love like mine; I lay it, as the rose is laid, On some immortal shrine.
Page 52 - ... countenance, but every muscle of his body, is kept in play. The meaning of the kasatsha is this : an amorous swain makes all sorts of gestures and postures to please his mistress, and seems at turns in rapture and in despair ; his prudish partner is at first unmoved by all his solicitations, but gradually she softens, and the dance ends with an embrace and a kiss. One couple played their parts so admirably that they drew down the warmest applause, and excited the gaiety of all present. The spectators...

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