New Monthly Magazine, and Universal Register, Volume 28

Front Cover
Thomas Campbell, Samuel Carter Hall, Theodore Edward Hook, Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton, Thomas Hood, William Harrison Ainsworth, William Ainsworth
E. W. Allen, 1830

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Page 46 - Evil into the mind of God or man May come and go, so unapproved, and leave No spot or blame behind...
Page 419 - Forever banished. Whither can I turn, When he, by blood, by gratitude, by faith, By every tie bound to support, forsakes me ? Who, who can stand, when Malek Adhel falls? Henceforth I turn me from the sweets of love : The smiles of friendship, and this glorious world, In which all find some heart to rest upon, Shall be to Saladin a cheerless void, — His brother has betrayed him ! Mal.
Page 569 - Sir, if the comparison must be made, if the distinction must be taken, men are every thing, measures comparatively nothing. I speak, Sir, of times of difficulty and danger; of times when systems are shaken, when precedents and general rules of conduct fail. Then it is, that not to this or that measure, however prudently devised, however blameless in execution, but to the energy and character of individuals, a state must be indebted for its salvation.
Page 552 - But going over the theory of virtue in one's thoughts, talking well, and drawing fine pictures, of it ; this is so far from necessarily or certainly conducing to form an habit of it, in him who thus employs himself; that it may harden the mind in a contrary course, and render it gradually more insensible, ie form an habit of insensibility, to all moral considerations.
Page 569 - Measures, not men ' ! the idle supposition that it is the harness, and not the horses, that draw the chariot along...
Page 361 - One that hath been a courtier ; And says, if ladies be but young, and fair, They have the gift to know it; and in his brain — Which is as dry as the remainder biscuit After a voyage — he hath strange places crammed With observation, the which he vents In mangled forms.
Page 421 - Heaven ! Let me not see this unforgiving man Smile at my agonies ! nor hear that voice Pronounce my doom, which would not say one word, One little word, whose cherished memory Would soothe the struggles of departing life ! Yet, yet thou wilt...
Page 560 - Give me the fresh air," said Rupert, directly he was able to resume his power of commanding, " and bring me whatever letters came during my illness.
Page 421 - Oh, turn thee Saladin ! Look on my face, thou canst not spurn me then ; Look on the once-loved face of Malek Adhel For the last time, and call him — Sal.
Page 363 - ... or idiotism. The most ingenious way of becoming foolish is by a system. And the surest method to prevent good sense is to set up something in the room of it.

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