Aeneidea, Or, Critical, Exegetical, and Aesthetical Remarks on the Aeneis: With a Personal Collation of All the First Class Mss., Upwards of One Hundred Second Class Mss., and All the Principal Editions, Volume 4

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Williams and Norgate, 1889

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Page 133 - The enemies of my lord the king, and all that rise against thee to do thee hurt, be as that young man is." "And the king was much moved, and went up to the chamber over the gate and wept ; and as he went, thus he said, 0 my son Absalom ! my son, my son Absalom ! would God I had died for thee, 0 Absalom, my son, my son!
Page 306 - Thou sun of this great world, both eye and soul, Acknowledge him thy greater, sound his praise In thy eternal course, both when thou climb'st, And when high noon hast gain'd, and when thou fall'st.
Page 130 - miserande puer, cum laeta veniret, invidit Fortuna mihi, ne regna videres nostra neque ad sedes victor veherere paternas? Non...
Page 132 - ... hune ego te, Euryale, aspicio ? tune ille senectae sera meae requies, potuisti linquere solam, crudelis? nee te sub tanta pericula missum adfari extremum miserae data copia matri?
Page 201 - Luceriam ferebant viae, altera praeter oram superi maris, patens apertaque, sed quanto tutior, tanto fere 50 longior, altera per Furculas Caudinas, brevior ; sed ita natus locus est : Saltus duo alti, angusti silvosique, sunt, montibus circa perpetuis inter se iuncti.
Page 175 - At nunc videre est per eoos 2 omnes tractus violenta et rapacissima genera hominum, per fora omnia volitantium, et subsidentium divites domus, 1 Boeotia sugg. by Clark ; Euboea, WAG ; eubda, V.
Page 199 - ... furta paro belli convexo in tramite silvae, ut bivias armato obsidam milite fauces. tu Tyrrhenum equitem collatis excipe signis ; tecum acer Messapus erit turmaeque Latinae, Tiburnique manus : ducis et tu concipe curam.
Page 123 - These must be the limbs of the lion, still fighting while being eaten ; but the phrase is strange. felices leti, pietas quos addidit umbris ! optabunt similes venientia saecula fratres, aeternumque decus memori celebrabitur aevo, si modo ferre diem serosque videre nepotes carmina nostra valent, nee famam invidit Apollo.
Page 57 - Vide le genti e l' arme, abbassò l' asta; Bd uno in quella e poscia un altro messe, E un altro e un altro, che sembrar di pasta : E fino a sei ve n' infilzò ; e li resse Tutti una lancia : e perch' ella non basta A più capir, lasciò il settimo fuore Ferito sì che di quel colpo muore.

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