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"For God-sake, cavalier, come in with speed; The manna's falling now," the abbot cried. "This fellow does not wish my horse should feed, Dear abbot," Roland unto him replied.

"Of restiveness he'd cure him had he need;

That stone seems with good will and aim applied." The holy father said, " I don't deceive;

They'll one day fling the mountain, I believe."


Orlando bade them take care of Rondello,
And also made a breakfast of his own:
"Abbot," he said, "I want to find that fellow

Who flung at my good horse yon corner-stone." Said the abbot, "Let not my advice seem shallow; As to a brother dear I speak alone;

I would dissuade you, baron, from this strife,
As knowing sure that you will lose your life.


"That Passamont has in his hand three dartsSuch slings, clubs, ballast-stones, that yield you


You know that giants have much stouter hearts
Than us, with reason, in proportion just :
If go you will, guard well against their arts,

For these are very barbarous and robust."
Orlando answer'd, " This I'll see, be sure,
And walk the wild on foot to be secure.'

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Disse l'abate col segnarlo in fronte :
Va, che da Dio e me sia benedetto.
Orlando, poi che salito ebbe il monte.
Si dirizzò, come l'abate detto

Gli avea, dove sta quel Passamonte;
Il quale Orlando veggendo soletto,
Molto lo squadra di drieto e davante;
Poi domandò, se star volea per fante.



E' prometteva di farlo godere.
Orlando disse: pazzo saracino,
Io vengo a te, com'è di Dio volere,
Per darti morte, e non per ragazzino ;
A'monaci suoi fatto hai dispiacere ;
Non può più comportarti can mastino.
Questo gigante armar si corse a furia,
Quando sentì ch'e'gli diceva ingiuria,


E ritornato ove aspettava Orlando,
Il qual non s'era partito da bomba;
Subito venne la corda girando,

E lascia un sasso andar fuor de la fromba,
Che in su la testa giugnea rotolando

Al conte Orlando, e l'elmetto rimbomba;
E'cadde per la pena tramortito ;

Ma più che morto par, tanto è stordito.


The abbot sign'd the great cross on his front, "Then go you with God's benison and mine:" Orlando, after he had scaled the mount,

As the abbot had directed, kept the line Right to the usual haunt of Passamont; Who, seeing him alone in this design, Survey'd him fore and aft with eyes observant, Then ask'd him, " If he wish'd to stay as servant?"


And promised him an office of great ease,
But, said Orlando, " Saracen insane!

I come to kill you, if it shall so please

God, not to serve as footboy in your train; You with his monks so oft have broke the peace

Vile dog! 'tis past his patience to sustain." The giant ran to fetch his arms, quite furious, When he received an answer so injurious.

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And being return'd to where Orlando stood,
Who had not moved him from the spot, and


The cord, he hurl'd a stone with strength so rude,
As show'd a sample of his skill in slinging;
It roll'd on Count Orlando's helmet good

And head, and set both head and helmet ringing,
So that he swooned with pain as if he died,
But more than dead, he seem'd so stupified.


Passamonte pensò che fusse morto,
E disse: io voglio andarmi a disarmare :
Questo poltron per chi m'aveva scorto?
Ma Cristo i suoi non suole abbandonare,
Massime Orlando, ch'egli arebbe il torto.
Mentre il gigante l'arme va a spogliare,
Orlando in questo tempo si risente,
E rivocava e la forza e la mente.


E gridò forte: gigante, ove vai?
Ben ti pensasti d'avermi ammazzato !
Volgiti a drieto, che, s'ale non hai,
Non puoi da me fuggir, can rinnegato :
A tradimento ingiuriato m'hai.
Donde il gigante allor maravigliato
Si volse a drieto, e riteneva il passo;
Poi si chinò per tor di terra un sasso.


Orlando avea Cortana ignuda in mano;
Trasse a la testa: e Cortana tagliava:
Per mezzo il teschio partì del pagano,
E Passamonte morto rovinava :
E nel cadere il superbo e villano
Divotamente Macon bestemmiava;

Ma mentre che bestemmia il crudo e acerbo,
Orlando ringraziava il Padre e'l Verbo.


Then Passamont, who thought him slain outright, Said, "I will go, and while he lies along, Disarm me: why such craven did I fight?"

But Christ his servants ne'er abandons long, Especially Orlando, such a knight,

As to desert would almost be a wrong. While the giant goes to put off his defences, Orlando has recall'd his force and senses:


And loud he shouted, "Giant, where dost go?
Thou thought'st me doubtless for the bier outlaid;
To the right about-without wings thou'rt too slow
To fly my vengeance-currish renegade!
'Twas but by treachery thou laid'st me low."
The giant his astonishment betray'd,

And turn'd about, and stopp'd his journey on,
And then he stoop'd to pick up a great stone.


Orlando had Cortana bare in hand;

To split the head in twain was what he schemed:Cortana clave the skull like a true brand,

And pagan Passamont died unredeem'd,
Yet harsh and haughty, as he lay he bann'd,
And most devoutly Macon still blasphemed ;
But while his crude, rude blasphemies he heard,
Orlando thank'd the Father and the Word,-

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