Reports of Cases, Decided in the High Court of Chancery: By the Right Hon. Sir John Leach, Vice-chancellor of England. [1822-26], Volume 1

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Page 79 - Hanson, their executors, administrators, and assigns, upon trust that they, my said trustees and the survivor of them, and the executors and administrators of such survivor...
Page 203 - Every proprietor has an equal right to use the water which flows in the stream; and consequently no proprietor can have the right to • use the water to the prejudice of any other proprietor, without the consent of the other proprietors who may be affected by his operations. No proprietor can either diminish the quantity of water which would otherwise descend to the proprietors below, nor throw the water back upon the proprietors above.
Page 269 - ... who would for the time being have been entitled to the rents and profits of the said lands, buildings, tenements, and hereditaments so hereby directed to be purchased, in case .such purchase or settlement were made.
Page 48 - Council, who directed a case to be stated for the opinion of the Court of King's Bench, who refused to receive it in that shape.
Page 476 - Hugh for life, with remainder to trustees to preserve contingent remainders, with remainder to the...
Page 232 - Price, for life, for her separate use, and after her death to her husband for life, and after the death of the Survivor, to pay the Interest to their Children, share and share alike.
Page 183 - I go upon is, that the plaintiff was en ventre sa mere at the time of her brother's death, and consequently a person in rerum natura: so that by the rules of the common and civil law she was, to all intents and purposes, a child, as much as if born in the father's lifetime.
Page 47 - ... or by her last will and testament in writing, or any writing purporting to be her last will and testament, to be by her subscribed and published, in the presence of three or more credible witnesses, from time to 1830.
Page 26 - ALWAYS, and it is hereby agreed and declared, that the receipt of the said [trustees] or of the [survivors or] survivor of them or of the executors or administrators of such survivor...
Page 158 - was the Father of such Child ? and the evidence to " prove that he was not the Father, must be of such " facts and circumstances as are sufficient to prove, to" the satisfaction of a Jury, that no sexual intercourse " took place between the Husband and Wife at any 159 " time, when, by such intercourse, the Husband could, 1811.

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