The Miseries of Human Life, Or, The Groans of Samuel Sensitive, and Timothy Testy: With a Few Supplementary Sighs from Mrs. Testy ; in Twelve Dialogues, Volume 1

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E. Duyckinck and P.A. Mesier, 1807 - 220 pages

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Page 85 - Merciful heaven! What, man! ne'er pull your hat upon your brows; Give sorrow words: the grief that does not speak Whispers the o'erfraught heart, and bids it break.
Page 88 - After having left a company in which you have been galled by the raillery of some wag by profession, thinking, at your leisure, of a repartee, which, if discharged at the proper moment, would have blown him to atoms.
Page 161 - Lapluad night, that you have neglected to see, as usual, that the fires are all safe, below; — . then, after an agonizing interval of hesitation, crawling out, like a culprit, and quivering down stairs. Tes. You have robbed me, Sensitive ; — all this happened to me last night, as I was just thinking to tell you: — O it was a snug job, to be sure ! — as to myself, I had no scruple in determining that it would have been a world pleasanter, in such a night as that, to be.
Page 32 - Death ! great proprietor of all! 'tis thine To tread out empire, and to quench the stars. The sun himself by thy permission shines, And one day thou shalt pluck him from his sphere : Amid such mighty plunder, why exhaust Thy partial quiver on a mark so mean ? Why thy peculiar rancour wreak'd on me ? Insatiate archer!
Page 17 - ... having exultingly counted one rising haycock after another, and drawn to the spot every seizable horse and cart, all now standing in readiness to carry home the vegetable treasure, as fast as it can be piled — at such a golden moment as this, Mr Testy, to see volume upon volume of black, heavy clouds suddenly rising, and advancing, in frowning columns, from the...
Page 179 - ... 11. At a long table, after dinner, the eyes of the whole company drawn upon you by a loud observation that you are strikingly like Mrs. or Miss particularly when you smile.
Page 172 - Rashly confessing that you have a slight cold, in the hearing of certain elderly ladies ' of the faculty,' who instantly form themselves into a consultation upon your case, and assail you with a volley of nostrums, all of which, if you would have a moment's peace, you must solemnly promise to take off before night— though well satisfied that they would retaliate, by ' taking you off ' before morning !
Page 180 - ... formal females ; then, after a decent time has elapsed, and your patience and topics are equally exhausted, ringing for the tea, &c. which you sit making in despair, for above two hours ; having, three or four times, sent word to the gentlemen that it is ready, and overheard your husband, at the last message, answer " Very well — another bottle of wine." By the time that the tea and coffee are quite cold, they arrive, continuing, as they enter, and for an hour afterwards, their political disputes,...
Page 65 - Miss in an old-fashioned riding-dress ; both figures partly colored and partly plain ; or a goggling wax queen, bolt upright in a deep glass case, among the minikin pillars of a tawdry temple, wreathed with red foil, tinsel, and green varnished leaves ; or the map of England, with only about four counties, and no towns in it, worked in a sampler by the landlady's youngest daughter,
Page 177 - tis possible for woman To suffer greater ills than Lucia suffers ? MARCIA. 0 Lucia, Lucia, might my big-swoln heart Vent all its griefs, and give a loose to sorrow Marcia could answer thee in sighs, keep pace • With all thy woes, and count out tear for tear.

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