History, Volumes 8-9

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F. Hodgson, 1924

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Page 352 - The Admiralty should prepare for a naval expedition in February to bombard and take the Gallipoli peninsula, with Constantinople as its objective.
Page 71 - In doing the best we can for the people, we are bound by our conscience, and not by theirs.
Page 232 - FLEURE. 6d. 45. The Colonial Entry Books. A Brief Guide to the Colonial Records in the Public Record Office before 1696. By CSS HICHAM, MA is. 6d. 46. The University Library, Cambridge. By H. GIDNEY ALDIS, MA 6d. ii 47. A Students' Guide to the Manuscripts relating to English History in the Seventeenth Century in the Bodleian Library.
Page 90 - Consider all that lies in that one word, Past ! What a pathetic, sacred, in every sense poetic, meaning is implied in it ; a meaning growing ever the clearer, the farther we recede in Time, — the more of that same Past we have to look through...
Page 280 - But the king will hardly care, provided he reign. It is an abstract idea: a mere form of words. WARWICK. By no means. It is a cunning device to supersede the aristocracy, and make the king sole and absolute autocrat.
Page 225 - The work is divided into two parts — the first dealing with the " Dominions," the second with " the Government of backward races.
Page 276 - To her the French-speaking people are what the Holy Scriptures describe as a nation. Call this side of her heresy Nationalism if you will: I can find you no better name for it. I can only tell you that it is essentially anti-Catholic and anti-Christian; for the Catholic Church knows only one realm, and that is the realm of Christ's kingdom. Divide that kingdom into nations, and you dethrone Christ.
Page 304 - In virtue of the geographic and strategic position of the island of Cyprus, off the Gulf of Alexandretta, the British Government agrees not to open any negotiations for the cession or alienation of the said island of Cyprus without the previous consent of the French Government.
Page 319 - European situation out of which the war arose, a collection of documents will be edited by Mr. GP Gooch and Mr. HWV Temperley, who will, I hope, be in a position to begin serious work at a very early date. The reputation of the editors offers the best guarantee of the historical accuracy and impartiality of the work.
Page 256 - ... that their more lowly path has been allotted to them by the hand of God; that it is their part faithfully to discharge its duties, and contentedly to bear its inconveniences...

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