University of Cincinnati Studies

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University Press, 1915
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Page 182 - Rymeyed in hir firste Briton tonge; Whiche layes with hir instrumentz they songe, Or elles redden hem for hir plesaunce, And oon of hem have I in remembraunce, Which I shal seyn with good wyl as I kan.
Page 30 - Aegides, ducentia fila secutus, curva meae fugit tecta sororis ope. 60 en, ego mine, ne forte parum Minoia credar, in socias leges ultima gentis eo ! hoc quoque fatale est : placuit domus una duabus ; me tua forma capit, capta parente soror.
Page 49 - What dostow at my neighebores hous? Is she so fair? artow so amorous? What rowne ye with oure mayde? benedicite, Sir olde lecchour, lat thy japes be! And if I have a gossib or a freend Withouten gilt, thou chidest as a feend If that I walke or pleye unto his hous.
Page 162 - Ye knowe ek that in forme of speche is chaunge Withinne a thousand yeer, and wordes tho That hadden pris, now wonder nyce and straunge Us thinketh hem, and yet thei spake hem so, And spedde as wel in love as men now do; 26 Ek for to wynnen love in sondry ages, In sondry londes, sondry ben usages.
Page 162 - Thou be my speed fro this forth, and my muse, To ryme wel this book til I have do; Me nedeth here noon other art to use...
Page 118 - Thise wordes seyde he for the nones alle, To helpe his freend, lest he for sorwe deyde. For doutelees, to doon his wo to falle, He roughte not what unthrift that he seyde. But Troilus, that neigh for sorwe deyde, Tok litel hede of al that ever he mente; Oon ere it herde, at the other out it wente...
Page 147 - A KNIGHT ther was, and that a worthy man, That fro the tyme that he first bigan To ryden out, he loved chivalrye, 45 Trouthe and honour, fredom and curteisye.
Page 179 - To have an hoor heed and a grene tayl, As hath a leek, for thogh oure myght be goon, Oure wyl desireth folie evere in oon.
Page 168 - This Diomede, as bokes us declare, Was in his nedes prest and corageous; With sterne voys and mighty limes square, Hardy, testif, strong, and chevalrous Of dedes, lyk his fader Tideus. And som men seyn, he was of tunge large; And heir he was of Calidoine and Arge.
Page 167 - On hertes sore, and kep hem that ben trewe.' 254. In alle nedes, for the tounes werre, He was, and ay the firste in armes dight ; And certeynly, but-if that bokes erre, Save Ector, most y-drad of any wight; And this encrees of hardinesse and might Cam him of love, his ladies thank to winne, That altered his spirit so with-inne. 255.

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