Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin

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Leonard Rice-Oxley
B. Blackwell, 1924 - 192 pages

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Page xiv - Yes, I am proud ; I must be proud, to see Men not afraid of God, afraid of me : Safe from the bar, the pulpit, and the throne, 210 Yet touch'd and sham'd by ridicule alone. O sacred weapon ! left for truth's defence, Sole dread of folly, vice, and insolence...
Page 9 - I should be glad to drink your Honour's health in A pot of beer, if you will give me sixpence; But for my part, I never love to meddle With politics, sir.
Page xi - Nay, sir, I am a very fair judge. He did not attack me violently till he found I did not like his poetry ; and his attack on me shall not prevent me from continuing to say what I think of him, from an apprehension that it may be ascribed to resentment. No, sir, I called the fellow a blockhead at first, and I will call him a blockhead still.
Page 5 - PRENTICES TO DEATH, AND HID THEM IN THE COAL-HOLE. For her mind Shaped strictest plans of discipline. Sage schemes ! Such as Lycurgus taught, when at the shrine Of the Orthyan goddess he bade flog The little Spartans ; such as erst chastised Our Milton, when at college.
Page 143 - Gottingen. — [During the last Stanza Rogero dashes his head repeatedly against the walls of his Prison ; and, finally, so hard as to produce a visible contusion. He then throws himself on the floor in an agony.
Page 60 - I/ybian tigers' chawdrons love assails, And warms, midst seas of ice, the melting whales ; — Cools the crimpt cod, fierce pangs to perch imparts, Shrinks shrivell'd shrimps, but opens oysters...
Page 174 - Think then, will pleaded indolence excuse The tame secession of thy languid muse ? Ah ! where is now that promise ? why so long Sleep the keen shafts of satire and of song ? Oh ! come, with taste and virtue at thy side, With ardent zeal inflamed, and patriot pride ; With keen poetic glance direct the blow, And empty all thy quiver on the foe...
Page 5 - AGAINST THE KING, AND SAT IN JUDGMENT ON HIM ; for his ardent mind Shaped goodliest plans of happiness on earth, And peace and liberty. Wild dreams ! but such As Plato loved ; such as with holy zeal Our Milton worshipp'd. Blessed hopes ! awhile From man withheld, even to the latter days When Christ shall come, and all things be fulfill'd ! * [By SOUTHEY.
Page 176 - France at our doors, he sees no danger nigh, But heaves for Turkey's woes the impartial sigh ; A steady patriot of the world alone, The friend of every country but his own.
Page 175 - If Vice appal thee, — if thou view with awe Insults that brave, and crimes that 'scape the law; — Yet may the specious bastard brood, which claim A spurious homage under Virtue's name, Sprung from that parent of ten thousand crimes, The New Philosophy of modern times, — Yet, these may rouse thee! — With unsparing hand, Oh, lash the vile impostures from the land! First, stern...

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