Journal of the Senate of the ... General Assembly of the State of Ohio ..., Volume 58

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Page 3 - The Speaker shall examine and correct the journal before it is read. He shall have a general direction of the hall. He shall have the right to name any member to perform the duties of the chair, but such substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment.
Page 6 - If the decision be in favor of the member called to order, he shall be at liberty to proceed ; if otherwise, he shall not be permitted to proceed, in case any member object, without leave of the House ; and if the case require it, he shall be liable to the censure of the House.
Page 4 - When any member is about to speak in debate, or deliver any matter to the House, he shall rise from his seat, and respectfully address himself to "Mr. Speaker," and shall confine himself to the question under debate, and avoid personality.
Page 6 - All incidental questions of order arising after a motion is made for the previous question, and pending such motion, shall be decided, whether on appeal or otherwise, without debate.
Page 7 - Upon bills committed to a Committee of the Whole House, the bill shall be first read throughout by the Clerk, and then again read and debated by clauses, leaving the preamble to be last considered ; the body of the bill shall not be defaced or interlined ; but all amendments, noting the page and line, shall be duly entered by the Clerk on a separate paper, as the same shall be agreed to by the Committee, and so reported to the House. After report, the bill shall again be subject to be debated and...
Page 130 - The General Assembly in cases not provided for in this constitution, shall fix the term of office and the compensation of all officers ; but no change therein shall affect the salary of any officer during his existing term, unless the office be abolished.
Page 99 - Ohio, entitled an act supplementary to an act entitled an act to provide for the creation and regulation of incorporated companies in the State of Ohio...
Page 5 - As many as are of the opinion that (as the question may be) say ' aye.' " And after the affirmative voice is expressed, "as many as are of the contrary opinion, say 'no.'" If the President doubt, or a division be called for, the Senate shall divide — those in the affirmative of the question shall first rise from their seats, and afterwards those in the negative.
Page 5 - When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the President; or, being in writing, it shall be handed to the chair, and read aloud by the clerk before debated.
Page 167 - That the levying of taxes by the poll is grievous and oppressive, and ought to be prohibited...

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