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As he drew near, he gazed upon the gate,
Ne'er to be enter'd more by him or sin,
With such a glance of supernatural hate,

As made Saint Peter wish himself within;
He potter'd with his keys at a great rate;

And sweated through his apostolic skin: Of course his perspiration was but ichor, Or some such other spiritual liquor,


The very cherubs huddled altogether,

Like birds when soars the falcon; and they felt

A tingling to the tip of every feather,

And form'd a circle, like Orion's belt,

Around their poor old charge, who scarce knew whither His guards had led him, though they gently dealt With royal manes (for, by many stories,

And true, we learn the angels all are Tories).:


As things where in this posture, the gate flew
Asunder, and the flashing of its hinges
Flung over space an aniversal hue

Of many-colour'd flame, until its tinges
Reach'd even our speck of earth, and made a new

Aurora borealis spread its fringes

O'er the North Pole; the same seen, when ice-bound, By Captain Parry's crews, in « Melville's Sound. »


And from the gate thrown open issued beaming
A beautiful and mighty Thing of Light,
Radiant with glory, like a banner streaming
Victorious from some world-o'erthrowing fight:

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My poor comparisons must needs be teeming
With earthly likenesses, for here the night
Of clay obscures our best conceptions, saving
Johanna Southcote, or Bob Southey raving.


'Twas the archangel Michael: all men know
The make of angels and archangels, since
There's scarce a scribbler has not one to show,
From the fiends' leader to the angels' prince.
There also are some altar-pieces, though

I really can't say that they much evince
One's inner notions of immortal spirits;
But let the connoisseurs explain their merits.


Michael flew forth in glory and in good;

A goodly work of him from whom all glory And good arise; the portal pass'd-he stood; Before him the young cherubs and saint hoary, (I say young, begging to be understood

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By looks, not years; and should be very sorry To state, they were not older than Saint Peter, But merely that they seem'd a little sweeter.)


The cherubs and the saints bow'd down before
That arch-angelic Hierarch, the first

Of Essences angelical, who wore

The aspect of a god; but this ne'er nursed Pride in his heavenly bosom, in whose core No thought, save for his Maker's service, durst Intrude, however glorified and high; He knew him but the viceroy of the sky,


He and the sombre silent Spirit met

They knew each other both for good and ill;
Such was their power, that neither could forget
His former friend and future foe; but still
There was a high, immortal, proud regret
as if 'twere less their wil!

In either's eye,

Than destiny to make the eternal years

Their date of war, and their «Champ Clos» the spheres.

But here they were in neutral space: we know
From Job, than Sathan hath the power to pay
A heavenly visit thrice a year or so;

And that << the Sons of God, » like those of clay,
Must keep him company; and we might show,
From the same book, in how polite a way
The dialogue is held between the Powers
Of Good and Evil-but 'twould take


And this is not a theologic tract,



To prove with Hebrew and with Arabic If Job be allegory or a fact,

But a true narrative; and thus I pick

From out the whole but such and such an act
As sets aside the slightest thought of trick.
'Tis every tittle true, beyond suspicion,
And accurate as any other vision.


The spirits were in neutral space, before
The gate of Heaven; like eastern threshold is
The place where Death's grand cause is argued o'er,
And souls dispatched to that world or to this;

And therefore Michael and the other wore

A civil aspect; though they did not kiss, do
Yet still between his Darkness and his Brightness
There pass'd a mutual glance of greal politeness.
*aub m XXXVI.

The Archangel bow'd, not like a modern beau,
But with a graceful Oriental bend,

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Pressing one radiant arm just where below


The heart in good men is supposed to tend. He turn'd as to an equal, not too low,

But kindly; Sathan met his ancient friend With more hauteur, as might an old Castilian Poor noble meet a mushroom rich civilian.



He merely bent his diabolic brow i giokom


An instant, and then, raising it, he stood "? In act to assert his right or wrong, and 'show

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Cause why King George by no means could or should Make out a case to be exempt from woe

Eternal, more than other kings endued 19

With better sense and hearts, whom history mentions, Who long have «paved hell with their good intentions.> ob 6° dk, #9119d gai ton 2nd Phd ar fi XXXVIII.

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Michael began «What wouldst thou with this man, << Now dead, and brought before the Lord? What ill << Hath he wrought since his mortal race began,

<< That thou canst claim him? Speak! and do thy will, « If it be just : if in this earthly span' -'ch mit 77 << He hath been greatly failing to fulfil

«His duties as a king and mortal, say,

<< And he is thine; if not, let him have way. »


« Michael!» replied the Prince of Air, « even here, « Before the gate of him thou servest, must « I claim my subject; and will make appear << That as he was my worshipper in dust, << So shall he be in spirit, although dear

<< To thee and thine, because nor wine nor lust « Were of his weaknesses! yet on the throne

« He reign'd' o'er millions to serve me

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<< Look to our earth, or rather mine; it was, « Once, more thy master's: but I triumph not « In this poor planet's conquest, nor, alas! « Need he thou servest envy me my lot: « With all the myriads of bright worlds which pass . In worship round him, he may have forgot a Yon weak creation of such paltry things;. a I think few worth damnation save their kings, XLI.

« And these but as a kind of quit-rent, to

« Assert my right as lord; and even had « I such an inclination, 'twere (as you...

"Well know) superfluous; they are grown so bad,

« That hell has nothing better left to do

<< Than leave them to themselves: so much more mad

« And evil by their own internal curse,

« Heaven cannot make them better, nor I worse.


«Look to the earth, I said, and say again.

"When this old, blind, mad, helpless, weak, poor


Began in youth's first bloom and flush to reign,

<< The world and he both wore a different form,

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