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And they will sing! and day will break! Both near,
Sɔ near the awful close! For these must drop
1 heir outworn pinions on the deep; and day,
After the bright course of a few brief morrows,—
Ay, day will rise; but upon what? A chaos,
Which was ere day; and which, renew'd, makes time
Nothing! for, without life, what are the hours?
No more to dust than is eternity

I'nto Jehovah, who created both.

Without him, even Eternity would be


A void without man, Time, as made for man,
lies with man, and is swallow'd in that Deep
Which has no fountain; as his race will be
Devour'd by that which drowns his infant world.-
What have we here? Shapes of both earth and air?
No-all of Heaven, they are so beautiful.

I cannot trace their features; but their forms,
How lovelily they move along the side
Of the gray mountain, scattering its mist!
And after the swart savage spirits, whose
Infernal Immortality pour'd forth

Their impious hymn of triumph, they shall be
Welcome as Eden. It may be they come

To tell me the reprieve of our young world,
For which I have so often pray'd-They come!
Anah! oh God! and with her---


A son of Adam!






What doth the Earth-born here,

While all his race are slumbering?


Angel! what

Dost thou on earth when thou shouldst be on high?


Know'st thou not, or forget'st thou, that a part
Of our great function is to guard thine earth?


But all good angels have forsaken earth,
Which is condemn'd; nay, even the evil fly
The approaching Chaos. Anah! Anah! my
In vain, and long, and still to be beloved!
Why walk'st thou with this Spirit, in those hours
When no good spitit longer lights below?


Japhet, I cannot answer thee; yet, yet
Forgive me--


May the Heaven, whick soon no more Will pardon, do so! for thou art greatly tempted.


Back to thy tents, insulting son of Noah!

We know thee not.


The hour may come when thou

May'st know me better; and thy sister know
Me still the same which I have ever been.


Son of the Patriarch, who hath ever been
Upright before his God, whate'er thy griefs,

And thy words seem of sorrow, mix'd with wrath, How have Azaziel, or myself, brought on thee Wrong?


Wrong! the greatest of all wrongs; but thou Say'st well, though she be dust, I did not, could not Deserve her. Farewell, Anah! I have said

That word so often! but now say it, ne'er

To be repeated. Angel! or whate'er

Thou art, or must be soon,

hast thou the power

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That ye too know not? Angels! angels! ye
Have shared man's sin, and, it may be, now must
Partake his punishment; or at the least

My sorrow.


Sorrow! I ne'er thought till now

To hear an Adamite speak riddles to me.


And hath not the Most High expounded them?
Then ye are lost, as they are lost.


So be it!

If they love as they are loved, they will not shrink

More to be mortal, than I would to dare

An immortality of agonies

With Samiasa!

[blocks in formation]

I would resign the greater remnant of
This little life of mine, before one hour
Of thine eternity should know a pang.


It is for him, then! for the Seraph thou
Hast left me! That is nothing, if thou hast not
Left thy God too! for unions like to these,
Between a mortal and immortal, cannot

Be happy or be hallow'd. We are sent
Upon the earth to toil and die; and they
Are made to minister on high unto

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The Highest; but if he can save thee, soon
The hour will come in which celestial aid
Alone can do so.


Ah! he speaks of death.


Of death to us! and those who are with us!
But that the man seems full of sorrow, I

Could smile.


I grieve not for myself, nor fear; I am safe, not for my own deserts, but those Of a well-doing sire, who hath been found Righteous enough to save his children. Would His power was greater of redemption! or

That by exchanging my own life for hers,

Who could alone have made mine happy, she,
The last and loveliest of Cain's race, could share
The Ark which shall receive a remnant of

The seed of Seth!


And dost thou think that we,

With Cain's, the eldest born of Adam's, blood.
Warm in our veins, strong Cain! who was begotten
In Paradise, would mingle with Seth's children ?
Seth, the last offspring of old Adam's dotage?
No, not to save all earth, were earth in peril!
Our race hath always dwelt apart from thine
From the beginning, and shall do so ever.


I did not speak to thee, Aholibamah!

Too much of the forefather, whom thou vauntest,
Has come down in that haughty blood which springs
From him who shed the first, and that a brother's!
But thou, my Anah! let me call thee mine,
Albeit thou art not; 'tis a word I cannot

Part with, although I must from thee, My Anah!
Thou who dost rather make me dream that Abel
Had left a daughter, whose pure pious race
Survived in thee, so much unlike thou art
The rest of the stern Cainites, save in beauty,
For all of them are fairest in their favour-

AHOLIBAMAH (interrupting him.)

And wouldst thou have her like our father's foe
In mind, in soul? If I partook thy thought,
And dream'd that aught of Abel was in her!

Get thee hence, son of Noah; though mak'st strife.

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