Rural Dairy Technology

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ILRI (aka ILCA and ILRAD), 1995 M01 1 - 119 pages
Milk as a food; The composition of milk; Genetic factors; Breed and individuality of the cow; Environmental factors; Milk chemistry; Physical status of milk; pH and acidity; Milk constituents; Microbiology; Bacteria; Moulds; Yeasts; Viruses; Milk microbiology; Microbiology of butter; Clean milk production; Sources of contamination; Cooling milk; Milk reception, dairy accounting and record keeping; Reception; Dairy accounting and record keeping; Milk processing; Milk separation; Buttermaking with fresh milk or cream; Buttermaking with sour whole milk; Ghee, butter oil and dry butterfat; Cheesemaking using fresh milk; Cheesemaking with sour skim milk; Milk fermentations; Cleaning, sanitising and sterilising dairy equipment; Dairy water supplies; Chemical used for cleaning; Cleaning procedure; Sampling and analysis of milk, milk products and water; Sampling; Milk pH; Titratable acidity test; Alcohol test; Clot-on-boiling test; Fat determination; Specific gravity of milk; Total solids (TS) in milk; Formaldehyde in milk; Methylene blue reduction test; Resazurin 10-minute test; Sediment or visible dirt test; Moisture content of butter; Salt content of butter; Protein content of milk by formaldehyde titration; Estimation of hardness in water; Dairy building design and construction; Site selection; Type of building; Arrangement and installation of equipment.

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